Probs in character creation ("affinity with" starting exp)

Recently and after a long time I started a new campaign again. However as a Storytelle I have few doubts about the assignment of the initial experience points, specifically those guaranteed by Virtues such as "Affinity with [Art]" and "Affinity with [Ability]".

Considering that I decided that all the PCs started with Magi 7 years after the apprenticeship, I have to consider also the 30 pts/year (if spent in the specific Art and in the specific Ability) as incrementable by 1,5 times or not? When referring to "Character Creation" does it only end in the "Magy only - Apprenticeship" paragraph or does the extra "After Apprentiship" section count as a creation phase too (in this case points spent by characters with Affinity with would count)?

It is quite straight forward: 7 yrs out of apprenticeship = 210 xp to distribute. Full stop.

If a player assign some of these points to an Affinity, the PC benefits from the 1.5 multiplier.
Thus, if he assigned 20 xp in Creo, where he has an Affinity, it will count as 30 xp.
Or if he wants to assign 210 xp in Creo, it will translate as 315 XP. You are entitled to ask him how his PC managed this feat though :slight_smile:

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