Profession or Craft?

I am thinking over some Abilities, if they are Crafts or Profession. I understand the principles to tell the difference: on the Craft you take raw matter and that becomes rawly different, while the Profession or they don't use any purely raw matter (Profession: Scribe doesn't use it, only other manufactured matter or only like ink as part important but not ending phase), or, they don't change it, only they take that matter (Profession: Miner,or Profession: Shepherd). I just saw than Farmer is one Craft on Covenants, but I thought than was one Profession on other books. The carboneros are those that make charcoal from wood, and who sell, transport and care that material.

So I am doubtfull, about the charcoal producers, because they are more related to Brewers than any others, so where can I see other examples? Craft or Profession?

In artes and Acadame the difference s explained that if they produce goods it is a craft, otherwise it is a profession. Obviously there are historic exceptions to this (profession:scribe should be craft:scribe, since they produce manuscripts from paper and ink) but it stands as a solid guideline.

I think Scribe shows up as Profession: Scribe because the scribe doesn't do the authoring. I'm not arguing that's the right choice, just that there is reason to it.

Ultimately, it very rarely matters. It matters if you have Faerie Blood (Brownie or Dwarf) or perhaps if you're a Verditius. (I say "perhaps" because usually with a Verditius it's more obvious which it would be.) I don't recall any other situation when it really matters.

Yes... sometimes the examples for one or another are different, like Farmer (i can re-call it like Profession and Craft) or Carpenter (exactly the same). But it would be usefull. Like I saw, i think since use raw material to another thing, this would be one Craft. Thanks to both.

Actually, do you remember to see any character with Brewery on his stats? I can imagine than that is one Craft, after all you can produce one product with the ability and so on.

It also matters if you are trying to become a legendary artist, or if you are building a workshop for crafting items.

I'm pretty sure Legendary Artist works with either one, though it may vary a little in the specifics. Yes, workshops can matter. Actually, workshops might be a good gauge of which it is.