Project: Redcap Annual Update & brainstorming

Happy new year, all!

In case you have not been following Project: Redcap lately, 2012 was a productive year for us. We converted the site to use MediaWiki (the same Wiki engine as Wikipedia) in September. At the same time, we enabled anonymous edits so you don't have to have an account to make a few simple changes. Since then our content has been growing and improving at an accelerated rate.

What we haven't seen yet are a lot of new links to fans' Saga pages or Web sites. I am pretty confident there is more Ars Magica stuff out there on the Web, that Project: Redcap doesn't link to yet. So if you have a site you'd like to share with other Ars Magica players, please post it to Project: Redcap! If you prefer, you can just PM me and I'll add the link for you.

As we begin 2013, I'm looking to the community for ideas on how to make Project: Redcap better. I am already planning to add non-English languages. What kinds of information would be useful to you? Do you have ideas for how to make information easier to find? And do you have ideas for how we can encourage more people to contribute to Project: Redcap?


Andrew Gronosky

I can help with the Non-English, i can suggest the Formulae translation.
And for another theme, i am working on to Doctor who Ars magica creatures versions, in this time i'll write on english, but the Spanish versions are on my blog. I've made Daleks -Demons, Weeping Angels -Faeries, Sylurians, Cybermen Versions and Time Lords -Magic Kins. And this year is the 50th Anniversary.

I love wikis and I wish I had more free time to participate in this. I wish you an even better year, filled with useful edits and new content. - Here you can read my Ars Magica/Whovian Tribute.

Andrew, please add my new blog:

My Life as a Grog



This is the current sage our table top group is playing.

Most of the stuff on the wiki was added by me and I am something of a free form player so I take liberties. Some of the summa and tractatus were found on the Ars Wiki but I can't remember if I used exact duplicates or not.

Anyhow most of the wiki is up though I admit I am not the best website maker... if anyone likes stuff please feel free to use it. Even make comments on it my PM if you want. I would like to know how our stuff looks to outsiders.