Project Redcap Offline?

I've been trying to visit the site for over a week but keep getting a HTTP 500 error.

Is project redcap down for maintenance or something?

same problem here...

Did not work for me either.

Odd. I've sent Andrew a mail to touch base.


I pinged Andrew, he's investigating.

Hi all,

The problem with Project: Redcap is fixed. Sorry I didn't notice it myself. I was doing a bit of maintenance on Sunday and made a typo ... then didn't notice the effects till Ben wrote to me. :blush:

Project: Redcap is alive and well. In fact, I'm planning to invest some time in content creation over the holidays.

For future reference, if you send email to redcap at redcap dot org I will actually receive and read that. I have to check that account at least every couple of days to clean out the spam. Be sure your subject line doesn't mention Viagra or a stock tip. :smiley:


Andrew Gronosky
Project: Redcap

Yay! -\o/

Thank you, Andrew!


Thanks Andrew. :slight_smile:

Is fixed! Thank you, Andrew!

Thanks Andrew: