Prometheus ex Tytalus filius Kronos

Question for equipment. Can the staff be of excellent (or superior) quality? I might make an enchanted device, possibly talisman from it.

[tab][/tab] I don't mind an excellent quality staff. Feel free to add it. No idea about the languages thing and what you are trying to do with it. Just tell me the end result :stuck_out_tongue:

It's all about blending in. Without close to native language skills I will always be the foreigner. That might be good enough in bigger towns, where I am just one of the many foreigners. But the smaller settlements are the more exposed as the foreigner.

Maybe I see that more critical than you do, in which case feedback would be great because that whole language thing is causing headaches for all the XP it costs.

Oh you mean for the disguises and such. I understand. Yes you will need to learn the language....

Just read native level would actually be 6 even. What specialty would you advise for? According to TSE Romaic Greek has no dialects so specializing in the epirus dialect is apparently not an option.

I might have found a future solution for the language problem (for all those other languages that might get relevant for disguises) in Speak with any one human. The InMe15 guideline might be exactly what Prometheus is looking for... Doesn't change the short term as there is no ready made spell and I can't invent non-book spells before joining Meru Mudi.

I did the changes regarding Romaic Greek. It feels strange to put eight seasons into "some" language and a little area knowledge as a magus... What I could have done with a little Vis or a small hermetic library, or a simple lab... Am I doing it wrong? Too much focus on mundane things?

[tab][/tab] No its perfectly fine. Your character could either practice, train or use exposure. Of those three, training is by far the best but not under the fast creation rules. I believe we have several people who can teach languages efficiently (In fact during the first year, Anastaj offered to teach two seasons). This character needs to be grounded in the mundane, other are more lab focuses. Too bad the language system is a bit clanky...

A real pity, yes. In general I think abilities are quite xp costly with 5xnext level... On the other hand, it is a rpg around magi - no wonder raising arts is cheaper :wink:

Regarding the language system, not sure if we could come up with a house rule that keeps balance? I thought about an xp bonus for prior knowledge in a similar language... Like Romaic Greek 5 could give a bonus for classical greek (like affinity?) until you reach classical greek 3 (based on the -2 language similarity rule from A&A I think it was there)


[tab][/tab] Ugh no. Too much hassle and we would have to do over all characters.

I thought so... Anyway...

Should find 5xp for Code of Hermes... Have looked beneath all stones already though...

I think I transferred the stats successfully, please check them over? There are some details about sigils and measurements and staff that would be good to add. Also where are those details about his 'sister'?

Regarding sigil:
I once asked for guidance regarding a casting sigil, and the following response:

My idea was:

Would that be legal? I think the main purpose of your response was to abstain judgment if that would turn out to be showy instead of subtle. I suppose it would not interfere with his magic, like target: eye and people look away mid casting, it's a sigil with no flaw attached in the end. If this turns out to be inconvenient in a way that is great for the story I wouldn't mind.

Regarding size and weight,... something "normal" I'd say. Will think about it and ping you.

Regarding the staff, what are you missing? It should be the best quality Prometheus could get/afford. He might want to make it his Talisman.

Regarding Okeania
After you asked for it I had added the last paragraph "Beloved rivals" to the backgrounds story post. I recall having asked if that was what you are looking for. Not sure if I ever got a reply for it though. Anyway, is that paragraph what you were looking for? If not, what do you need, I am happy to deliver it.

Just realized that I apparently never finalized the build points... Will do...


Let's go with

  • 5bp A lesser device with Summoning the distant image (InIm25; AM5 145), one use per day
  • 4bp Vis: 10 pawns Imaginem, 7 pawns Intellego, 3 pawns Perdo
  • 5bp Lab Text(Latin) : InMe25 Thoughts within babble (AM5 149)
  • 1bp lesser device: A lantern that provides light equivalent to moonlight (Base 1, +1 concentration; +3 six uses per day)

[tab][/tab] Roger will be adding the build points after the winter season he joins in (If I forget please remind me. Assume he has all that 'gift stuff' with him or on route to him when he comes in the covenant)

[tab][/tab] I am ok with that interesting 'side-effect' of mind magic as a sigil. Of course it wont have an actual rules wise impact, but it will be nice rp :slight_smile:

[tab][/tab] About Okeania >_< I was hoping for a character sheet or such but never mind. I made a draft myself, will keep it a secret file :stuck_out_tongue:


< doh.


Changed the Philosophiae specialty