"Promisses, promisses", Metacreator and 5ed

So I am trying to convert the 4th ed fast-play "Promisses, promisses" to 5th ed, I really love to use it to present RPG and Ars Magica to new players.
Now I will do it online (F*&% pandemic) using Roll20, so I will do it using its 5ed character sheets (indeed I will do it in Portuguese).

Someone have this adventure already converted to 5ed?

You can find the original 4ed adventure here

Some issues:
Many abilities are tottally different or non-existent on 5ed, but that is ok.
Some spells are non-existent on 5ed, for example "Statue to animal" in the "Fabricor" spell list.
I am using metacreator to save me time on calculations. But I am having trouble inserting new content, such as "new" spells.
I will take this opportunity to change the characters a bit, so the chance of them being "useful" is greater.

In my many runs of this adventure I realized some problems with it: Not all characters have useful abilities, spells or arts.

Ideally you need this:
Spells/Arts to find the parchments at stephen's sancta
Spell/Arts to "open" the stone with the lab texts inside
Spell/Arts to "open" the tables with the letters inside
Spell/Arts to "cease" the magical fire at stephen's sancta
Fast way to go to the city and back before the Quaesitor's arrival
Social abilities to handle the priests to get the magical stone back or negotiate a new contract

The game runs well on three players, so every three characters must posses these above

The adventure totally ignores Aegis of the Heart. I ignored it also, but this bothers me a lot

Any suggestions?

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Just a quick note, since I've never read or played the adventure, as for adding new spells to metacreator, use the "Invent spell" option in the Labratory.
Unfortunatelly, it doesn't add it to metacreator's database, but if there's a way to do that, I don't know.

Pretty much everything in metacreator is stored in plaintext, you can just type it into one of the datasheets.

You can open up the datasheet and directly edit the code, or open the data sheet in metacreator and edit it in a GUI format.

If you are introducing new players, one approach you could take is not to worry too much about the formulaic spells and just ensure the characters have a good range of Arts scores. Then when they want to do something with magic, get them to work out the technique, form and level from the guidelines and do it spontaneously (you could allow them to invent a formulaic spell their character "already knows", for purposes of learning the game. Let them describe the effects and give it in a name - creates flavour and atmosphere and helps them understand spell creation).

I have found that if I give brand new players magi with specific formulaic spells, they mainly just cast those spells and the whole core of the Tech-Form magic system is largely lost on them. If you make them invent every spell as they go, they quickly learn how it works and may get a sense of what kind of magi they'd like to play in a full saga.

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