I have a Tytalis in my saga who lost his hand, details as to why he won't replace it with corpus are irelivant. He does however want to build a guantlet that will act as his new hand. Now I've been mulling this around for a while and what some opinions. Seeing that you could enchant an item to act as a limb how would you control it. With Conc you would have to focus every time you wanted it to do something so how would one make it reflexive? I thought about making a Me req. but it doesn't seem to fit. The other solution is to make it a hermetic research problem as per HoH:TL. Opinions?

Put an intelego mentem effect with constant duration into the gauntlet that reads the wearer's mind in regard to the movement of the hand. Make the rego spell that controls the prostetic hand a linked trigger to this intellego spell.

There is a similar effect on page 99 of the core book in the description of linked trigger.