Published ArM material for Bath, UK?

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I'm looking to grab any published material covering Bath, UK and surrounding lands for Ars - we've got Bristol in Heirs of Merlin, but any other sources for the area?


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There's The Black Monks of Glastonbury by David Chart for ArM4.


Mythic Locations, Chapter Two is titled Bath?

Mythic Locations actually has a chapter on Bath. The Author's blog, Games from Folktales has a lot of material on Cornwall, if you want something slightly southwestern.

This is an extract from « A Vanilla Covenant » an unofficial supplement* for ArM5 :

« Tales of Power » is an official supplement for ArM5. So, it has a chapter on Bath.

* Also by Tim Ferguson, it develops the covenant of Sabrina's Rest settled on a island between Devon/Somerset and Wales.

I think the last two references are to the same material and that I may have misrecalled where I put it, so apologies to themanfromouterspace, who I misled, accidentally.

Basically, though, yes, I wrote a bit up about King Bladdud and his magical engine in the official books. The Vanilla covenant material is set around an island in the Bristol Channel, so it has some material about things in that area.


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It should actually be:

(The Poisoned Earth covers a lead-mining site in the Mendip Hills.)