Publishing Schedule

I am going to post this request here because it appears that the moderators are not following the other thread anymore and my PM are going nowhere. Could we get an update on the June release?

Not just yet. Very soon, most likely, but not just yet.

It's a cookbook. The Culinary Guide to Mythic Europe.

(This is a lie. Please add your own.)

it has to be what someone mentioned in a recent thread:

Ars Marxica : the class struggle a source book on peasant uprisings.


Oooh, I wanna play too! Four books, for the next four quarters:

Following the record-breaking success of the recent geographic supplements, a new book taking you to the real edge of Mythic Europe was rushed through the publication channels to cash in on the money-cow:
Lunarium: The Wizard on the Moon

Of course, something must be put out for the players:
Munchkins of Hermes: Trismegistus

And some support for the SG:
Playing with the Ex (Miscellanea): How to play with your Ex. Roleplaying, not mind-games. No, not the sexual kind! The game kind! No, not the video game thingie! Arrg!

And finally, one must of course support the historically-based fans:
Nails and Chamberpots: The Cookware of Mythic Europe

How about that 50 Shades of Rego sourcebook? BDSM Certamen has to be all the rage ATM...

An Inconvenient Truth: Hermetic Magic's Terrible Toll on the Environment

Although, some might claim it's already been published as Transforming Mythic Europe.

To Bath or not to Bath: An overview of living conditions in Mythic Europe.

Just went live: ... agica.html


Look, global warping is only a theory. And even if their is large scale warping going on we can't prove it was caused by magi. The earth probably goes through cycles. You can't prove that the massive forest elemental was due to the half a dozen powerful magicks I've been using to grow my forest. And even if it was, think of the economic consequences. Just devastating.

Can I remind people about the NDA?

Oh, wait, you were just guessing? Never mind.

Arse Magica: The Medieval Guide to Buttocks.

Neat! Let's get a closer look at that cover...

Agreed! This could be very interesting.