Pychic Powers? Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Etc

Hello, everyone I want to run a UA campaign with psychic powers such as: telekinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, biokinesis (control of body functions), pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, etc. I want all the players characters to have the opportunity to access these abilities.

I don't think that the charges/avatar system works well with this. Does anyone here have any experience with this? Are there any official or well-known unofficial rules that I have not read through.

Help would be appreciated.

Certainly some of the less showy powers (Clairvoyance, Clairaudiance, Psychometry, etc) you could just have as straight Soul skills.

Potentially powers like Telekinesis could run that way as well, if you don't think it'd break game balance. For biokinesis, I think Epideromancers already have that covered :wink:

I think the avatar system could work with it

Hi there. I've always thought the easiest way to reveal it to players is to let them see it happen to an NPC. If they see an ascension in person, or even 2nd hand (via video, as for the Naked Goddess), it gives them a general sense of the possibilities without just handing them the book to read. Good luck!