QQ: Does the town of Rodnya exist?

I just started reading the Novgorod Tribunal and it mentioned the first Novgorod covenant of Rodnya near Dnieper river about eighty miles south of Kiev (I assume the Dnipro River). The covenant was named after the town of Rodnya. Does that town still exist? Is my ability to find it on a map compromised? I can only find a Rodnya in Belarus, which is north of Kiev (and more than 80 miles).

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Are you by chance looking for the town of Rudnya which falls in about the right area?

Historically it was first listed as Rodnya.

The book made it sound 80 miles south of Kiev -- not north (like Rudnya). Maybe I just botched my reading. Thanks!

I would agree the description in the book puts it in the vicinity if Kaniv. What are the chances Simeon Shoul could be asked?

Not an unreasonable question. In my study of the levant tribunal some towns were destroyed by mongols, Sassanians, or earthquakes and aren't around anymore.

Black Plague took some towns off the map as well, if I recall correctly.

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