Question: A sword that fights by itself

I was thinking today on creating the next item, but I want to know if it is possible:

The idea is a sword with a Rego Corpus [o maybe Terram, but Corpus for now] that is activated when "someone attack the wielder", the effect moves the body of the wielder so him puts the sword between the attack and him, blocking it.

The reason for this and not a, let's say, Wizard's Parry is that this effect make the wielder seems skilled, because instead of the attack simply bouncing like a Wizard's Parry or a Ward, it seems like the wielder is skilled enough to put the sword on the middle.

My question is: Is this possible without Finesse? The idea is that the sword is gived to people without training, if this needs a Finesse roll on part of the wielder then this part is totally destroyed.

Thanks for your time!

With the right mysteries you could bind a spirit to the sword that would control the effect for the apparent wielder.

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See the Defender Swords (TtA p.94) for an enchanted effect which does what you are looking for.


I'm must be getting old but "TtA" is which supplement again...

Also agree that binding a spirit / jinn / demon / angel with combat skill (hey, your choice how much you want to flaunt the Code and what Mysteries you have been initiated into) is probably the easiest way giving it abilities to animate the material the sword is made our of. You could even give it Cleasa-like "feats" from the Hibernia sourcebook for a bit more fun...

Through the Aegis

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Ah yes LOL

Would like to add that you could improve the effectiveness of a Defender Sword fairly easily.

Have the item 'maintain concentration', add a Herbem requisite so that it can parry weapons made of wood, a Intelligo requisite (or Complexity) to allow it to cut arrows out of the air, etc.

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While I know you can build better defenses than the Defender Sword, I think your improvements are a different enchantment, rather than improving the existing one. Perhaps I am misguided, but I interpreted the Defender sword as using magic to always intercept incoming attacks, rather than deflecting the attacks with Rego. Part of its great simplicity is that it uses the wielder's perception for a perfect defense - it can already parry weapons made of wood, bone, stone, or flesh because a sword can stop those (And the rego magic on the sword means it can resist getting knocked around, because momentum hasn't been invented yet).
As far as having the item maintain concentration, if the wielder isn't concentrating, then the sword isn't parrying, because the sword can't realize that incoming whatevers are dangerous.

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The reason to have the sword maintain concentration is not for defense. It is so that the wielder can attack without having to make the Concentration 15+ roll and have the defense go down. The wielder must always be aware of an attack to parry it.

As for the Herbam addition, the description of Defender Swords specifically says "An active Defender Sword allows the wielder to automatically “parry” incoming blows from metal weapons."

The below is from my Input on Grand Tribunal Competition thread.

Effortless Defender
Re(In)Te(He) 30 (Base 2, T/C/I, Metal 2, Requirement 1, Item Maintains Concentration +5, Unlimited Uses +10)
When active this allows the wielder to automatically “parry” incoming blows from weapons covered by Terram or Herbam. The wielder must be generally aware of the incoming attack, so he can still be stabbed in the back by an unknown adversary. However, in normal melee he can automatically “parry” any number of blows in a round. He may also "parry" single missile attacks (arrow cutting), though not a volley. All "parries" require a roll, but only to see if there is a botch.
This is an upgraded version of Defender Swords, TtA p.94.

EDIT: If you are wondering about the changes, the Herbam Requisite is +0. The Intelligo Requisite is +1 and causes changes such as converting things such as "must be aware of the incoming attack" & "he can still be stabbed in the back" in the original to "must be generally aware of the incoming attack" & "he can still be stabbed in the back by an unknown adversary" in the improved version. The Intelligo also allows the arrow cutting in the improved version.

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Along these lines:what spells would be needed for a shield that can defend a person be itself?