Question about Feng Shui Codes?

Hi I was wondering about the product numbers for Feng Shui

I currently have

DAE 1400 feng shui 1
DAE 1401 Marked for Death
DAE 1402 Back for Seconds
DAE 1403 Thorns of the Lotus*

RNP 1106 Blood of the Valiant*

Atlas feng shui 1 have numbers 4000-4013

Atlas feng shui 2 AG4020
Atlas feng shui 2 screen AG4021
Secrets of the chi war AG4022PDF
Taskforce 88 AG4025
Dragon AG4026
Apeworld AG4027
Paris AG4028

Am I missing anything here other than the Blowing up the Movies book?

A quick way to tell what's available for Atlas 1st edition is their Drive Through site.

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Thank you .. Ok I got em all

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