Question about how Size affects other stats/rolls/Totals

I've looked and looked, but couldn't seem to find anything in the 5th ed core book. I seem to remember some things from 4th ed that don't quite hold true anymore, I think.

The V&Fs Giant Blood, Dwarf, Large, Small frame all affect Size, and Size affects the range og damage needed for the different Wound Levels, I'm down with that. Also, Giant Blood and Dwarf actually give +/-1 STR and STM, thus affecting Soak, Fatigue rolls and Dam.

But does Size subtract from Defence anymore? From Initiative?, Add (further) to Dam?


Small or large animals have modified Strength and Quickness, though, according to the rules in Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults.

I'll read it more thoroughly once I get Mystery Cults back from my mooching players :slight_smile:

Another thing occured to me:
Doesn't Size affect the number of various Fatigue Levels you have anymore?

This leads to funny results, where a MuCo spell can enlarge you, without changing your str or sta. Thus, you could become size 6+ without any special advantage save an increased wound range... :confused:

having the size of +2 doesnt mean, proportionnaly, your strg (for X to size 0 to X for size 2) will change.

And conversely, magic can make you stronger or more resistant without making you larger.

Note though that the MuAn spells Beast Of Outlandish Size/Of Minuscule Proportions both affect size, strength and quickness together.

No. Which means that Giant-Blooded or Dwarf magi are perfectly acceptable and neither outrageously expensive virtue-wise nor utterly crippled.

Depends on where your Size comes from. Virtues/Flaws that affect size often affect other stats as well.

The best thing is probably to use RoP: M guidelines.