Question about magic resistance

Just a short question:
If you open an item for enchantment spending vis, is this item considered magical and therefor resisted by MR?
And if the answer is yes, what's the penetration total?
Example: You want to make an invested item out of a sword and open it spending the necassary vis. Before instilling any effect, you try to hit a magical beast with a might score. Can you do that or is the attack resisted?

Good one.

I wouldn't bother myself with magic resistance vs an opened object. The object(even if opened for enchantement) has no effect imbue and nothing to do with the magical behing your trying to hit... It look likes a variation on the pink dots problem.

If you want the object to be resisted by MR in your saga, i suggest treating the object as if all of it's "enchantement" purpose is to penetrate (but without any magical effect effect) so a 6 vim vis opened item is a 6 pawns worth of vis spend only toward penetration(using the enchantement rules that i don't actually have beside me.)

But really, i would do the same as i handle the never ending parma magica problem(you have a choice of at least 10 treads treating this question). It only protect you when the magic is actively trying to affect you(storywise). I treat MR the same way, just so that the greatest magical defensive power doesn't come from the tiny magical frog with sharp teeth capable of projecting pink dots over every opponent.



We've always ruled that only the effects of an enchanted item are resisted. So, a sword invested with Sword of Flame with three daily uses would only be resisted if and when the flaming sword bit was active. Until activated, the sword is natural, having only the potential to express its magic.

It's always worked for us.

Good one, I like it. Active vs inactive magic

Magic resistance keeps magic away from the protected creature. If there isn't an active spell/power/enchantment etc.. Parma does not come into effect.

You can read the text differently than this but you come up with many problems and contradictions.

Your sword hitting the creature is no different from the creature hitting you.
I'd even argue that once you put effects into the item as long as they are not active it wouldn't matter. The creature can use his power that you can resist but he can still bite you in half.

We all agree on this, then :smiley: