Question about owies and Injuries.

So I was reading over the owies and injuries on the older version of Magical Kitties Save the Day and I found myself wondering:

When you take enough owies to convert to an injury, do you lose one off of all your dice rolls, or do you pick which of the three attributes is impacted? And you should be able to pick a different injury on the second and third injury?

When a kitty has a long term injury and takes additional owies, does the first owie incapacitate them, or does hitting their owie limit and triggering another injury push them into incapacitated?

Finally, is there a way to raise the injury limit track from short term/long term/incapacitated?

I ask, because I suspect that I need to make changes to the Roll20 character sheet!

Matt G

Did the new rulebook answer that question for you, Matt?

It did. Now I just need to adjust the Roll20 sheet to reflect that.

Matt G