Question about secondary insight and study bonus/requirement

Hi Everyone,

I have a question about how you interpret secondary insight and study requirement.

If you have study requirement and secondary insight do you need to have materials at hand for the experience in the secondary arts. So, if I am reading a book on herbam I must have have stuff around me representing the art for me to study. However with secondary insight I would also get experience in two techniques (say creo and muto). Should I not also have to have materials around me to study from?

Also if study requirement limits secondary insight, would study bonus not help it?

"Study requirement" only helps you when you study; it is not possible with Correspondance xp, or Exposure xp (it is not written, but it seems logical to me as the Virtue is described).

Therefore, "Study requirement" is not possible, nor necessary, for the xp gain with "Secondary insight", following my opinion.