question: barbers?

what spells would magi use to trim there hair, beards & mustaches?
along this line of inqurery what spells would they use to help there teeth stay in there heads & unrotted?

First: Why keep making more posts, when you have a nice folder called Abe's ideas :slight_smile:
Secondly: For shaving and Barber work Perdo Corpus and Creo Corpus for teeth, alt. Eat a lot of liqurice and do rego corpus on the saliva :slight_smile:

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Then make one and keep them there.

I say let the guy speak where he wants.
and it is an interesting point, for...

In Fourth edition I would say use Perdo for shaving. But in fifth, I have heard and now accept that Rego would be the preferred form. Target Part.
You don't wanna Perdo your face :mrgreen:

It is a more "modernish" view, but I believe Perdo would be suitable for permanent shaving (=epilation), and as Marko said, Rego just to trim or get a close shave.

I know that technically, a magus would always shave in a relax mood, thus has no chance of botching, but I agree that using every day a Perdo Corpus on your face might not be the taste of everybody.

There is PeCo5 The Cleric's Pate (R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Part) in Apprentices p.45 based on the level 3 guideline of ArM5 p.133 box. It is a cantation making the target loose all the hair on his head.

Another such spell can also be used for a kind of magical shaving/epilation of one's beard, w/o requiring the Finesse roll of a ReCo craft magic spell (see Covenants p.49 box) used for that purpose.

It is a sign of personality, whether and how a magus shaves: so it is fun to decide for each magus character. And the storyguide can use it to cause some paranoia, as the shaved beard of a magus is found and used as an AC.


Abe doesn't seem to be interested in Ars Magica, very much. He doesn't pay attention to the Mythic Paradigm, or even bother with understanding the limits of Hermetic Magic.

Yes there is. Here's the link:

Any new thoughts on the subject?

I like to imagine Abe is some kind of fae-realm entity who swings in with random posts, some of which leave us scratching our heads but others of which spark off quite insightful conversations. An agent of chaos and creativity, if you will.

Still, the whole question about barber-ing does indeed raise something that most sagas don't touch; how exactly does a magus/maga tend to their personal appearance/hygiene? It is something that can be hand-waved, but by the same token it is also something that sounds like a useful set of spells. Shaving and destroying the evidence with nothing but a mirror seems safer to me than having a manservant do it. Alternately, shaving the mundane way and PeVi-ing the remains might also be some magus' approach.

This leads me to something like this:

To Discard Ownership of One's Beard
PeVi 20 (base 5, +1 touch, +2 group)
Reduces the arcane connection strength of the target group (e.g. a beard) by 1.
With significant mastery investment (quiet x2, subtle, multi-cast) the magus can completely eliminate the arcane connection properties of an object or group of objects simply by touching them. This could even be done while handing over the item in question to someone else. "You want a lock of my hair? Okay, here you go."

While this is a pretty big spell to learn and master purely for beard-trimming, the spell clearly has far more applications than discarding the ownership of one's beard.

Why would the target be Group? I'd think it should be Individual; one Arcane Connection.

So, PeVi, Base 15 (reduce the duration of an Arcane Connection by three steps), +1 touch, for 20. Cast twice to reduce a lock of hair or similar gathering of trimmings from years to below Hours.

I imagine that trimmings' Connections are a bit less than Years in ordinary duration if not preserved.

a similar spell would probably remove the arcane connection to ones skins/dust as well!

The same spell would, and already does.