Question concerning Rituals

I have a question regarding rituals. Why are some spells rituals and others are not, if they do not exceed the normal formulaic restrictions, (ie. less than level 50, less than boundary, etc...)?

I am looking specifically at ReMe magnitude 15 effect of: Summon a ghost. The ReMe guidelines do not hint that a ritual is needed, yet the level 40 Incantation of Summoning the Dead ReMe40 (base 15, +4Arc, +1conc) clearly says ritual...? Is this just a leftover from previous editions? or done intentionally? Without an example spell how do you adjudicate what effects need rituals?


Nobles Parma, but I dont think it's due to any specific guideline. In general I can't at this moment recall any reasons for having a non-Creo ritual of a spell below level 50 but for one reason: the feel of it.

The level 50 mark is only a guiding number and it is left up to the SG and troupe to decide finally on what to do as rituals and what not to. For further inspiration I've dug out this thread: [url]]

I don't see any reason why this should be a Ritual. Serf's Parma (can you invoke that while on vacation? Might have to be Noble's Parma) but Year Duration and 50 levels are the only two triggers that would apply here. I thought at one point Arcane Range needed vis and a Ritual, but as far as I remember that's not a rule in ArM5.

I think this may need to be added to the errata. You should post it in the first thread on this board and the Line Editor, David, will confirm whether it is or not.

PS. Welcome to the game. I hope you enjoy it.

Pretty much in the same way as you decide whether a spell allows natural resistance (e.g. the victim must make a Sta roll of 9+ or die horribly) : if it sounds impressive enough or thematically fitting for the spell to be a ritual, make it one.

The same way a StoryGuide adjudicates anything, by using their best judgement, all things considered. If you're a Player, in this system all Players are invited to think as SG's when contributing to the storyline, with a mind to game balance and consistency.

The variables that present themselves with this system are too broad and unpredictable to be constrained by a single "value" for such, especially when you take into account different player preferences, Sagas and style of play (which AM5 has taken great pains to do!)

What you have are general guidelines - let them guide you. Add some thought into it, with an eye toward your players, world and storyline, and go with that.

For incantation of summoning the dead, there is no reason it's ritual. I think it's to errataed..

I like this spell being a ritual. While I agree that its level says it shouldn't be, bear with me for a moment.

The troupe is in a musty cavern. The carvings on the walls are faded with age, the copper fittings green with verdigris. The place is filled with spider webs, their covering with dust indicative of the last time an actual spider traversed their lines. The sarcophagus opens with a loud creak, the lids crashing to the floor, breaking into hundreds of pieces as the troupe suddenly gets silent, fearful of waking some sleeping foe.

The magus places tallow candles around the bones and inscripts ancient symbols anywhere he can, hoping he has them facing in the correct directions. He moans as he evokes the name of the dead, threatening his resting place, calling on ancient spirits while scattering herbs and spices as he circles the funerary mound.

Or he can just walk in, knock the lid off, zap the corpse with a wand and say, "Speak or I set your bones afire."

I like the first one better.


Here was David Chart's (Line Editor) response back on 12/21/07: