Question of Money

I have a question regarding money and its uses for a magus (particularly a journeyman magus). Now, as I understand it, at the base level, a journeyman gets his general upkeep and a lab upkeep of up to 3£ paid for by the covenant, but gains no yearly stipend as a matter of right. If he performs a service for the covenant in a given year, he gets 3 vis and 6£; and if he's an assistant officer he gets 6£ a year. But aside from a better lab, there's no obvious monetary expenses that I can see for a magus. Am I missing something? Is there any money sink for magi? I know that a magi can never get enough vis. But once basic upkeep and lab upkeep are taken care of, does a magi really care about silver?

So you do get automatic annual compensation. This can pay for a better lab, hiring people and paying the living expenses and armaments of your staff and guards, to buy nice clothing and [strike]drive a better car[/strike] do nice things for yourself and others. If you are looking for ways to spend, there is always someone in need of charity.

That's about what I figured. After all, Lucas is going all out to staff his quarters in Mallorca. :slight_smile: