Question on a magical power

I am designing a magical power for a creature, to be designed with the RoP:M guidelines. As such, I believe it is not bound by the limits of hermetic magic, but I'm still struggling with finding a good guideline. Please, critique my first effort.

See the Hour
Detects the time and cause of someone's destined death. This does not take into account "unnatural" attempts to lengthen (or shorten) one's life, but it does account for violent deaths, if those were bound to occur at the time of use of this power. It does not tell anything about the state of health (current or otherwise), but a roll against the appropriate Realm Lore is allowed to determine the agent of the cause. Knowledge of the time of death is limited to comparisons to life events, eg. "You will die after marrying, but your spouse will outlive you." Attempting to divine the origin of the cause of death costs a long-term fatigue level.
Using this ability on oneself causes 1 automatic Warping per attempt.
Note: this power has 0 Penetration, and requires an Arcane Connection.
InCo or InAn or InVi 40
Base 5, R: Arc +4, D: Conc +1, T: ind, +2 for complexity

PS. This did not seem like it belonged in the spell design thread. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

One small observation: from your description, it seems your character has Magic Might. If that's the case, he/she/it is immune to warping!

One rather bolder observation: I'd say that your power can already be found in RoP:M. It's a Ritual Power called Grant (Major) Virtue, and the Virtue it grants to the recipient is "Death Prophecy" (ArM5, p.41).

You're right on the Warping, which is a pity - it feels thematically correct that "scrying" your own destiny would tangle the threads of fate.

The Grant Virtue power works, of course, but does something different from what I had in mind in it's execution. Rather than granting someone a vision of their own demise, I was looking for the effect (common in legends) of the witch approached by some person curious (and usually both unwise and powerful), trying to bargain for the seer's insight. Reflavouring the Grant Death prophecy could work, though - it's at least a guideline to what I am aiming for, and would save tricky estimates towards guidelines. Thank you for pointing it out, since I had overlooked the option.