Question on meaning of "Random" and transparent cards.

Please forgive the question, I'm not a rules lawyer, but a rules lawyer did bring this up.

Is it still random if, because of a card's transparency, I note whether it is a modifier or event card, and choose based on that?

My question is basically did I cheat in the following scenario:
Player Z must allow the player to his right (me) to draw one card RANDOMLY from his hand.
Player Z presents his hand--facedown--to Player A. Player A, unable to see the faces of Player Z's hand, looks at the position of the Circles (Top, Mid, Lower, Left side, Right side) through the transparent cards and make his decision about which card to randomly take.
Player Z objects that that is not random.
Player A instead laughs, but, not wanting to argue, turns his head and selects card completely blind from Player Z's reshuffled hand.

(Player A laughs because, although Player Z might have a point, Player Z has a long history of Rules Lawyering rules and meanings when it disfavors him, or favors Player A.)

Now, I concede that he might have a point about my method of selection not being random.

Did I try to cheat? If so, how major or minor was my infraction. MUST one close his eyes or avert his gaze to select cards at random, when called to do so?

I was not the GM for the game, and she did not rule on it since I immediately capitulated to the Rules Lawyer.

Just roll dice or pick blind like you did, technically your first try was not random

Whot is GM?