Question Regarding Hermetic Architecture

My reading of the guidelines given on p. 98 of The Mysteries, Revised for Hermetic Architecture (under Investing the Effects) implies that effects that affect the enchanted structure as a whole are Range: Personal (Boundary effects are explicitly so, but the rest of the guidelines are slightly confusing), but the first example (The Perfected Tower, p. 99) is Range: Touch. As I can't make complete sense out of the guidelines whichever way I read them: How are the guidelines intended to be interpreted? Should invested effects be composed as if the entire structure were being enchanted, or as if the component devices were being enchanted?

I'm not sure how this works either (I'm not much of an enchanter... :cry: ), but I'll try to help.

My interpretation is that The Perfected Tower must be enchanted into the constituent devices to "perfect" the structure (which is being touched). Only once this is done and the devices properly emplaced, can the magus cast Bind the Mystical Structure and commence enchanting the structure as whole.

I hope this what you were looking for.

As for the rest of the guidelines, perhaps if you provided an example of something that's causing you trouble we could work through it togther.

I don't have my books at hands, but...

The Perfected Tower is a spell that straightens the building it is cast on, so it's only logical you would cast it at Touch range -- a magus is not a building.

If you wanted to enchant a structure, you would use the same guidelines but with Personal range, per the Hermetic Architecture rules.

Unless I'm completely misunderstanding the book: Hermetic Architecture allows you to enchant large structures by enchanting smaller items (roughly speaking). The first two examples in the book (under Sample Enchanted Structures) are The Enchanted Tower and Trajan's Arena. Both are Range: Touch, and both are mystery enchantments, but one affects the object being enchanted and one affects people who are inside the object being enchanted (both are buildings, obviously). Combined with the guidelines presented earlier in the book, this appears to create a problem of contradiction. Is there a contradiction here, or am I simply misunderstanding how Hermetic Architecture works?

Hmmm it seems you're right about the Enchantment's being instilled separately....

Trajan's Arena requires a Touch range because it affects people within the structure. Therefore, perhaps The Perfected Tower also inhibits the decay of wooden and stone items (tables, statues etc.) within the target structure?

EDIT: The Target for [i]The Perfected Tower /i lends creedence to the theory expressed above...

Not having the text in front of me (and not remembering it in detail), it sounds like (maybe?) Range:Touch is the minimum allowed for such. That, or it's a typo, or there's something key missing in your overview.

If the spell works on the building, it should be "Range:Personal" (if that's allowed?) - but, not knowing exactly how the text reads, there's generally no need for the building to "touch" the decay when the decay is in the wood of the building itself - unless the idea is that it stops it before it becomes part of the building, a subtle distinction. (Me, if the outmost 1/10,000th of an inch of the wood decays every now and then, I could live with that. But that might be the assumption, that it stops it on contact, not waiting for the rot to become part of the building itself.)

I'd suggest you reread one more time (yeah, I know), and specifically look for "minimum Range" and/or a comment about "Range:Self" and how that works with the overall effect (and if it's allowed at all, and if so what the diff is). Or, wait and see who shows up here - but it's the holidaze, and a Saturday on top of that, and so it's slow.

Good luck, either way!

That's actually part of the problem. I've read through the guideline text several times, and it seems to say that effects that affect the enchanted structure are Range: Personal. Target: Boundary effects are explicitly Range: Personal (Boundary effects may be enchanted using Hermetic Architecture provided the boundary in question is the structure), but the rest of the guidelines are slightly confusing, so they may not say what I think they say.

Hi, it,s simple, if you enchant the aura surroinding the structure it,s boundary, but if you enchant the structure doing it perfect, is personal. It's the same difference between warm you or make warm in the room.