Question regarding Libri Quaestionum 4th ed

Got a question regarding Libri Quaestionum, is it possible to have the target level of the book be 0?

I tried searching the forums but could not find what I was looking for, so I hope I am not asking to many FAQ's questions.

Long time ago I did play 2 long 4th ed sagas.

We used level 0 LQ as primers for apprentices and young magi just starting to study a given art. We never considered that level 0 was not allowed. It made sende for us, with the way LQ were constructed, that this was ok. And I don't think it breaks anything.

You're playing 4th edition?

Yes playing 4th. It was the one I started with, and the once I have most books for. So I thought why not just keep with it. Other then the fighting rules I do not really see any big problems (well parma magica but that is more a universal thing). =)

Yes the rules do not say a level 0 is not allowed, but other then arts you never really have 0 in a knowledge. And as a broad thing it is never talked about.

ANd having a level 0 LQ might be considered to "power gamie". So I thought I would ask to hear what others thought and or have done in this regards. =)

4th ed had the weakness with study rules that Int+Concentration was added to exp gain. We played a long saga, and in time we saw a difference in arts between the Int+1 no focus on Concentration magus compared to the Int+3 high Concentration magus.
But I don't recall my group experiencing any problems with the combat rules.

Also, why won't you ever have 0 in a Knowledge? The first time you wan to study something it would be nice to use a book targeted a novice reader.

I looked in 4th ed core book, and "Writing LQ" makes no ruling for or against level 0 books. I don't have Wizard's Grimoire RE on pdf here, so I cant check if that books considers this.

IMHO 5th ed is a far superior edition, I like theway the different scale of Arts and Abilities makes the distinction, I like Twilight rules better, and I especially like how the lab mechanics are streamlined. All projects use the same formulae, you no longer use 3 arts for familiars etc. And I like how Talismans and Familiars are way more flexible and useful for young magi because they can be improved once the arts are raised, rather than have to wait until you are good enough to make a good familiar bond. Oh and Mastery in 5th is a favorite of mine.

Not quite sure you understood me correctly. About the 0 in a knowledge, what I was saying is a character will not have a score of 0 in a ability/knowledge. Other then a art, as you would have learned the arts but not necessarily have added any points to them.

And yes I would agree having a LQ with level 0 would be a nice way to start learning a new thing. Hence why I wanted to make sure no one have had any issues about it.

Sounds like I have to try and find me a 5th edition book then and see what is what there then. =)

Thanks for all your help and input.

I'm also still playing a 4th ed game with my tabletop group. Level 0 LQ are perfectly acceptable. We mainly write and use them to train apprentices, although one of our highly specialized magae also used them when she decided to take an apprentice and needed to raise some of her "zero-arts".

Sweet, thank you!

Just remember that, in the 4th edition, you're capped at gaining 3 levels of a given Art in a single season, so you'll want to get commentaries for those LQs and spend double seasons to get straight to 6.
If you insist on using LQs and the 4th edition, that is. You might also find this thread interesting. :slight_smile: