Question regarding Major magical focus and its area

Hello, I am new to this game as my group is and going to create my first character. I would like him to be a Corpus specialist and more particularly a Creo/Corpus. In the rule book, it is written:
"This area should be smaller than a single Art, but may be spread over several Arts"
Thus, would Creo/Corpus be fine or would it be a too wide area?

Thanks in advance !

The MaMF needs to be in something more descriptive than just a TeFo combination.
Eg. Men.

Both Major and Minor Focus has some elastic in what the examples cover, but check out the example lists in the insert boxes.
The example given for Major are for the most part full Forms; Although the list is oddly phrased, I actually never realized this.

  1. Is the bold word what the Focus covers, and the sunsequent text a further specification plus examples of what this could be?
  2. Is the bold text an overall category and the non-bold text one of the foci within this aera you must choose?


Does this mean:

  1. If you want a focus covering something with Corpus choose either men or women?
  2. The focus is called Corpus and covers men andwomen?

"Smaller than a single Art" could have been more clear, because there is a vast difference between Techniques and Forms, plus all the examples given about Arts are all Forms. If one assumes the text should have said "Form" then a Major Focus can cover only part of a Form. And as Corpus covers anything humanoid, for physical effects, then the targets of these spels are highly likely to be either men or women. So it makes sense that a Major Focus could be with men or women, but not both.

A Minor Focus covers things slightly narrower than a Tech-Form combination, so everything Creo Corpus can't be a Minor Focus.

So my rambling point towards my opinion of:
Creo-Corpus can be a Major Focus, although it does seem a bit weak since it could have covered more.
Healing is listed in the text of Minor Focus (not the example insert box) to also cover Creo Animal and Creo Herbam effects to heal. So you have to ask yourself: What other Creo Corpus effects to you want to cover with yoyr focus than healing, which undoubtedly is the greatest part of these. What else is covered by Creo Corpus guidelines? Preserving corpses, creating corpses, raising physical characteristics(!), raise the dead (to a certain degree). Do you want all this or do you want to heal?

Thanks for your answer.

While I know what I want to do, I actually haven't found a good wording for it, that is why I used Creo/Corpus. It could be something like "Improvement". More precisely, I would like him to be focussed on any good things/modifications that could be applied to a body, being raising characteristic, healing, longevity rituals etc. Actually, some would fall into Muto/Corpus. But maybe this is too wide.

That does seem a little wide. If you cannot fit it into a single concept, summed up in a single word or 2, then it's proably too wide. :slight_smile:

If you're finding it difficult to narrow the scope of the focus my advice would be to pick the aspect that you think is either (a) the aspect you like best, or (b) the aspect which will have the best mechanical leverage in the setting. Something like "the perfect human form" would allow for stat raising and healing of humans, but not muto aspects which add abilities like darkvision because it is not part of the essential nature of a human. It probably wouldn't include longevity either, but if you have a decent Corpus and some planning you can make a powerful ritual anyway. "Transformation of Others", or "Self transformation" are popular too and are often minor foci rather than major. Although maybe "transformation of others" might need to be major unless it was limited to "transformation of other humans".


Making People Better might be a suitable Major Focus.

It covers part of Corpus and Mentem, improving their characteristics, healing them, making them bigger, stronger, better at certain things, slowing down aging, improving recovery. Changing their body so their voice is better? Sure.

It would not cover controlling them or changing their emotions. It would not cover transforming them into something animalistic, or an element, because that just changes them into something that's not-people. It would not cover inserting ideas into their head, even if they're good ideas. It would not cover moving them to safety, because that's just improving their situation. It would not cover surgery via Rego, because that makes people worse in some ways.

It would not cover anything that's not people, such as a demon that assumes human shape. But it would cover Magic Humans.

Totally reasonable, I think.



Probably an important consideration is the MuCo(An) spells that often provide a bonus and are a limited form of improvement for periods of time. Need to decide if these are included or excluded, and I see arguments for and against both sides. IMO, improvement is a fairly minor area, and includes only a few spells and I would tend to rule it as a minor focus, see healing, which applies to Animal, Corpus and Herbam, and possibly even Mentem.

Note that "Perfecting the human body" -- any CrCo effect that "does good things" to an existing human body -- is technically a valid Minor Focus, as it is smaller than a Tech+Form combination. Strictly smaller, since it does not include e.g. creation of human body parts or entire bodies.

"Changing the human body" -- any Creo, Muto, or Perdo Corpus effect that alters a human body, for good or ill, is a valid Major focus, as it covers about half the Corpus Form (3 Techniques out of 5, almost but not quite every guideline in them).

The latter -- and the same applies to the Minor Focus examples (that obviously cannot cover whole Forms)!