Question to Erik Dahl andJohn Post - Gifted Elementalist

Hi everyone, but specially to the Authors of the Elemtalist Chapter of HMRE.
I like a lot that chapter, and besides my doubts about the limits about Theurgical and what is exactly one Elemental (Spirits Elemntal Form Based and the typical Magic Elemental work very well to the Magical Realm, would Work with any Supernatural being based on the 4 elements on the others Realms ther aren't that types of beings?) & I have a doubt about how would work one Gifted Elementalist about Virtues: If you are one Apolonian and after you locate one Inicitation Script for the Philosophical Summoning... is it a Minor or Major Virtue?
I've made one Gifted, and i was very generous with the experience about his ancient Mentor:

Here all the adventure.
Do we make one to free download on the Web?

Hi MarioJPC! Glad you enjoy the chapter.

If I understand your questions right, you want to know:

  1. Does (Theurigical) Summoning allow the wizard to summon non-Magic supernatural creatures?

Yes. Anything that has a Might Score associated with the elemental Form, so either Aquam, Auram, Ignem, or Terram.

  1. Does another type of (Elementalist) Summoning require a Major Virtue or a Minor Virtue? For example, an elementalist has (Theurgical) Summoning and wants to initiate (Philosophical) Summoning.

In this case, it would require a Minor Virtue. However, as part of an initiation script it is probably designed to give a Major Virtue because most initiates would not already have the knowledge of another type of (Elementalist) Summoning and they would probably want it to work for them too.

Thanks to the quick answers. Yes I am asking about that themes and design one adjusted Elementalist Gifted Character.
About the first point, should it be possible Summon with Theurgical Summoning one Magical Animal with Ignen Power (just like the Salamander of Virtue from RoP: Magic) or a ghost based on Terram (just like the Amazonian Warrior Ghost from RM)? Really that point has this two concepts.
I'll translate this days the Character.

I haven't got my books in front of me, but I think you need (Philosophical) Summoning to target a magical animal like a salamander. The ghost should be good with (Theurgical) Summoning. I thought you were asking about the realms of the beings (Magic, Faerie) not the forms (animal, spirit).

Forms not forms, i mean, there are biengs of any form that are related to Ignem Aquam, Auram and Terram Forms: Magic Humans, Animals, Spirits and Objects.
I am asking about the limits of what is an Elemental about Elementalist view.