Question: Voice range on enchanted items

I have a though/question regarding enchanted items and voice range, specifically items that can produce sound in and of themselves.

AM5 p.112 states that

whereas in the Mute Flaw (AM5 p. 56)

indicating that sound, not vocalisation is key? Could I use the sound produced by a bell as voice range, rather than requiring a seperate CrIm enchantment?

I would personally consider this acceptable where the range of the item is ~50 paces (typical shouting range) increasing the magnitude of the voice range as per size modifiers for very loud sounds (e.g. bagpipes or church bells).

This does make voice range on lesser enchanted items possible where it would not normally otherwise be.

Hopefully the question is clear and has not been discussed/answered before.

I'd certainly allow this. I don't know if it has been covered previously.

Yup, sounds reasonnable enough to me. And I like the feel of the "magical bell" which puts a spell on those who can hear it.

I'd allow it too. Idem for music instruments in general, or an anvil being struck (or the hammer striking it), a whip cracking, right down to horseshoes hitting the road.


It seemed reasonable to me, but so do many things :confused:.


But unless you use some of the Bjornaer sense-magic stuff, I think the targeting of the spells must still use the standard ind/group levels. So, the nearest group who hears the bell is, I think, about the best you can do (allowing additional levels for the size of the group, of course).

Actually, you'd still get to pick just who your target is (i.e. "that guy over there"). What you don't get is the ability to affect everyone within hearing range.

Yes, sorry, I was talking in terms of affecting the largest number of people (as per the "any who hear this bell" idea). Of course, any device that is able to make some kind of noise (squeezebox of abysmal flame, anyone?)

Yes and no.

This would allow you to target any available target within range of the bell's sound, and must obey to the standard rules.
However, this wouldn't affect the nearest target, but the one you choose.

Expanded Group target, maybe?

Kazoo of the Earth's carbuncle? (spelling?)

A bell of "Earth Split Asunder" would be a incredible and morale devastating defense to most covenants. The sheer immagery of the bell tolling and the earth quivering, shaking and splitting under the attackers gives me the GM-shivers. :slight_smile:

(someone PLEASE come up with this one in one of my campaigns? I shall reward stylepoints! :wink: )