Questions About Breakthroughs

I'm pretty new to the game, and I'm looking at the rules for making discoveries in Houses of Hermes - True Lineages. I just want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly:

First, you make some kind of project while experimenting. If you fail to hit "Discovery" on the extraordinary results table, you may reinvent your project again and again until you do. Pretty sure I get that part.

Once you've done that, the next season you have to try to stabilize the discovery by rolling on the table again, using the exact same modifiers. If you get anything but a failure, it stabilizes. Now here's the bit I'm not sure about: if you fail for whatever reason, botch or what have you, you do not stabilize it. Does that mean that your Discovery is now worthless? And you are not allowed to go back and redo the discovery to try and get it again, you're just dead in the water?

You can keep spending seasons trying to stabilize but can’t take a break from stabilizing until you stabilize or give up.

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I am feeling very stupid right now. It say that right in the book, but after the bit about warping. I stopped reading there because I thought it would be skipping ahead, but they came back around to the topic I wanted...

Just emailed the results to the storyteller. It could have gone better, Ima be in Twilight for a bit.

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