Questions about Circle target & Ring duration

  1. Can I make a Creo Imaginem level 4 [base 1 (1 sense: sight) +1 Touch +2 sun) circle that i later use to make as a target for another circle/ring spell?

  2. If I make a circle out of spilled ink/blood/paint and cast a spell, can I later make a perdo imaginem to make said circle invisible and still have the circle active?

  3. Say that I want to do a circle ward vs water faeries. After I cast my Rego Aquam spell (with circle target and ring duration, can I cast a perdo imaginem spell with same target and duration or can each circle only have 1 spell in it

  1. Yes. You will still have to trace the ring for the second spell, but this will be easier if you have the image displayed.

  2. Yes. The important thing is that the spell is not broken. An invisible ring is not broken at all, just invisible.

  3. Yes. You can stack circles. If one is broken, all will be broken. Make sure you do not mess with the circle border while casting the second spell, otherwise the first one could be broken.

Remember that you will have to retrace the circle for every spell, that might be hard once the PeIm is done. :laughing:

This is often why magi have their lab inscribed with circles in the floor, or have it inlaid with stone or iron or something - so that they can "trace" the circle when they want to do a ward, without having to worry about actually destroying the circle.