Questions about "City&Guild"

Hello everyone,

i've several questions about "City & Guild" and I would like to ask for your help to answer them.

  • Suppose there is a Swordsmith with a workshop total of 19 who wants to create an Excellent sword(pg. 70). Following the rules, the sword gains a +2 bonus to be assigned to one o more of its features. My question is,
    if the swordsmith assign them to Strenght, would the bonus apply to all the characteristics asociated with it (Init, Att, Def and Dam)? Or is it split between them, for example, Att +1 and Def +1, or Dam +2 ?

  • The rules for Wondrous items mentions that all the powers of the item must fall within the two forms chosen by the crafter. Are requisites included? For example,in order to create an item identical to the "Wolf's Cloak" (pg. 72), is it obligatory to have chosen both Corpus and Animal?
    Or only is Corpus necessary?

  • If i've correctly understood the rules about "Working with Related Materials" (pg. 65), a blacksmith can craft swords and armors with only a -1 to his hability score. Is that so?

  • About the sword made of stone, are we talking about ordinary stone? This is, solid? Or magically altered stone to behave like steel?

Finally a question about the virtue Shapeshifter, does it affect the possessions of the character or it works like Skinchanger or Heartbeast virtues? (I suppose this question has been answered before but i haven't found an explicit rule anywhere).

Thank you very much for your help and excuse me for my english, it has been a long time since i used it to write.

can't answer for sure since thats the book I dont have but...

Strength isn't a feature of the sword, your choices are attack, defense, or damage. (maybe initiative)

So if yor looking to get the most out of this put the bonus in attack since the extra carries over to damage

Unless I read this completely wrong, a excelent sword gets the bonus to all features of it's use (typically both attack and defence), while a superior sword only gets one aspect enhanced.