Questions about Potent Magic Virtues

I am a bit confised about this (these) Virtue(s)

Say that I have Minor Potent Magic [Corpus] (Healing battle wounds). According to the second paragraph (on the virtue) on page 31 in Mysteries I get a flat +3 to lab and casting totals to my Formulaic spells.

But say that I have Magic Theory of 5 and I wish to make my Bind Wound into a potent version. I use a bandage (+4 to heal wounds) will I now have +3 to lab totals and +7 t cast the new bind wound after a season of remaking it into a potent spell?

Assuming you have an amount of bandage on you when you cast your newly re-made Potent Bind Wounds spell, yes.

Note that you don't even need Potent Magic to use the spell, as long as you can lay hand on a Lab Text.

Thank you, guys