Questions about Spell Creating

  1. I would like to do a spell that Detects Vis and tells me the type and amount.
    I have made this spell and would you guys allow it if you were SG?

Sight of the Archmagi's first step
InVi 35
Range: Sight, Duration: Concentration, Target: Sight
Detects vis within range, determine amount and type (as with Scales of magical weight and Sense the nature of Vis)

Base: 1 Vision +3, Duration +1, Target +4, additional data(x2) +2)

  1. I do not understand how to detect magical might as of page 158 "Treat might as the level of effect for H. Magi and Divide might by 5 to get residue magnitude"

So if I want to be able to locate an animal or spirit with magic might 10 (2nd magnitude) it is base 10 (detect the recent presence of weak magic), then add range, target and duration as normal. And a creature of might 15 is base 4 (detect 3rd magintude or higher)?

  1. How do I do a spell to detect the gift in others (in order to look for apprentices)

  2. Can I use Perdo corpus to make blood coagulate around a wound that is found on a human?

I created a similar spell for one of my players, called 'Wise One's Vision of Vis', though that one merely detects the presence of vis. I haven't - so far at least - allowed to combine the effect of all three spells and I'm not sure what the specific RAW is and it's likely house ruling territory.

Base 10 for detecting the Gift (regardless whether it is Gentle, Blatant, or normal) as found in Apprentices p. 33.

I wouldn't allow it as it seems at odds with both the guidelines for the Arts as well as possibly with the Medieval paradigm (Sloth's Parma - not having looked it A&A since it is already at odds with the Arts).

  1. You do not need to make the spell R:Sight if you ant you to be able to use a magical sense. Your design write-up is confusing. Base 1 detects vis all right, but you need base 4 to get the knowledge needed for Scales of the Magical Weight (and this spell specified you need to hold the vis and 'weigh' it against a known amount, although this is most likely a legacy wording and msotly for flavour, the base 4 guideline does not require this.) and for Sense the Nature of Vis as well.
    I would not allow a spell with three effects to use the lowers of the 3 guidelines, it should use the higher one and then add magnitudes for further effects.

So Base 4, +1 Conc, +4 Vision, +2 further detail x2 is level 30 for R:Per, D:Conc, T:Vision

  1. These may be guidelines from RoP:Magic perhaps, but I have InVi base 5 "Sense any supernatural creature witha Might associated with Vim". So you seem to need spells specific for each Form, as Intellego [Form]. Base 4 detects creatures of might 15 or more, so for the Might 10 you do need to use base 5.

  2. This spell is feature in Apprentices and uses InVi base 10

  3. Coagualting blood can not be Perdo in ArM canon, since this is healing and thus a positive thing. It sounds like Bind Wound using Creo Corpus base 3

I tend not to favor spells that do multiple things. 1 discrete effect per spell. If you combine effects here, well, now I want to combine a PoF with another CrIg effect... It's a slippery slope.

The easiest approach is to make three spells.
One to detect all Vis within sight: InVi5 See the Patent Vis (R: Per, D: Mom, T: Vision) (Base 1 (ArM5, p.158 box), Vision +4)
One to detect the type of touched Vis: InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis (R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind) (ArM5, p.158)
And one to detect the amount of Vis in a touched item: InVi5 Scales of Magical Weight (R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind) (ArM5, p.158)
Putting all the detection into one Vision spell would lead to roughly this one: InVi25 See All About Vis (R: Per, D: Mom, T: Vision) (Base 4 (ArM5, p.158 box) +1 (discern type - discuss this with your troupe), Vision +4)
Most magi will not consider the last spell worth the added work.

If you wish to detect magical creatures with InVi, you consider their Might as the level of effect you wish to detect.
To detect a Might 10 being is as difficult as detecting a magnitude 2 effect. So you need an InVi Base 5 spell.
To detect a Might 15 being is as difficult as detecting a magnitude 3 effect. So you need an InVi Base 4 spell.

The guideline for this is in Apprentices p.33 box. Base level is 10.
So the easiest way to do it is: InVi15 Detect the Gift (R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind) (Base 10, Touch +1), provided you know whom you wish to check. Don't use such spells with large R: in a crowd: magi you find out that way might consider it scrying and react offended.

I shouldn't think so. This a natural function of the body, and a beneficial one.


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Thank you guys

Another question: Why do some requisites add 1 magnitude and others do not. For example Whispers through the Black gate does not add magnitude for the mentem requisite

This is answered in ArM5 p.114: "There are two kinds of requisites. The first .... The second ...".
In short, if you need a requisite for the spell to have its effect at all, you do not need to add a magnitude for the requisite. If a requisite adds to an otherwise already possible spell effect, you need to add a magnitude or more.


There is a bit on this in the introduction to the Spell chapter (p. 115) on how to abjucate the need for extra magnitudes.

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