Questions about the Muspelli

Ok, now some questions about this fantastic tradition.

Yes, I like the Muspelli. :smiling_imp: Even more than the Gruagachan (the tradition that I liked the most until now). It's all your fault, Mark Shirley ,thanks a lot !

  1. What are the favored powers of Aegir ?
    -Page 78: Storm's eye, Sjonhverfing, Threads of fate and Dowsing
    -Page 82: Entrancement, Spadomur, Storm's eye and Dowsing ?

2)The same for Leikin:
-Page 79: Hex, Spadomur, Valgaldrar and second sight
-Page 82: Hex, Threads of fate, Valgaldrar and second sight ?

3)Idem for Urdur, page 81 or Page 82 ?

  1. During the Utiseta, supernatural abilities are increased. It's possible to change the parameters. Is it possible for Accelerated supernatural abilities as well, or only for normal, not accelerated ones ?

  2. The apprenticeship is really of six years ? Not sixteen years ? 240 xp would mean 40xp per year, and sixteen 15xp per year... I wonder.

  3. If the Muspelli is an arcane connection to protogonoi (or anything else of what could be the Jotnar), could a Muspelli be of some use for a practicer of goetist arts ?

  4. Divine auras are immune to the destruction triggered by the utiseta. Well, me, I'll change this rule, and let the Muspelli destroy the divine aura at the same rate as the infernal one (divine or infernal, for me it's all the same :mrgreen: ), but it should be possible to corrupt a divine aura, to transform it into an infernal aura and then to destroy it through an utiseta ritual. What do you think ?

8 ) The etin-mod can't be maintained forever (fortunately !). A few hours, more or less. So, page 94, what's the use to improving this etin mod by gaining the virtue "Rapid convalescence" ? Wouldn't the virtue "Tough" have been better ?

  1. So, Utiseta can improve supernatural abilities. But what if the supernatural ability requires vis ? For example, the virtue "Healing", in the HMRE, how can we calculate the amount of vis necessary to, say, heal a complete town, at the sight range ? 1 more pawn of vis by magnitude ?

Welcome to the club of the condemned souls. We are legion. :wink: Satan applauds your commitment. You can call him Jotnar if you fancy that.


Threads of fate=Spadomur?
And Sjonhverfing=Entrancement?
(no actual knowledge, but the words look correct-ish like that, "Spadomur"~"Spådomar"=fortune telling, predictions etc...)
Edit: Hmm, even if it would mean it doesnt fit together, Sjonhverfing could be "Threads of fate" as well if you switch witch Nordic language you play with, "sjon" could be from Norwegian for "sensing" and "hverfing" is close enough to a word for weaving...

Sounds like a very "unholy" thing to do indeed! Definitely sounds like a good idea! :smiling_imp:

Glad to know you liked them! I like to think of the trollsynir (gruagachan-variants) as the 'little brothers' of the Muspelli. The trollsynir mess around with giants, whereas the Muspelli serve the ancestors of the giants.

Whoops! That's embarrassing! In all cases the text is right and the insert on page 82 is wrong. I've sent an errata to David to this end; for your info, the correct insert should read:

Aegir: Sjonhverfing, Storm's Eye, Threads of Fate, and Dowsing; plus EITHER Wildfire and Winter's Breath (from Gymir) OR Hex and Summon Animals (from Gullveig).
Gullveig: Entrancement, Hex, Summon Animals, and Magic Sensitivity; plus EITHER Valgaldrar and Spadomur (from Leiken) OR Shapeshifter and Winter's Breath (from Nidhogg & Fenrir).
Gymir: Storm's Eye, Winter's Breath, Wildfire; plus EITHER Shapeshifter and Sjonhverfing (from Surtur) OR Sjonhverfing and Threads of Fate (from Aegir).
Leikin: Hex, Spadomur, Valgaldrar, and Second Sight; plus EITHER Entrancement and Summon Animals (from Gullveig) OR Entrancement and Threads of Fate (from Urdur).
Nidhogg & Fenrir: Summon Animals, Shapeshifter, Winter's Breath, and Animal Ken; plus EITHER Storm's Eye and Wildfire (from Gymir) OR Sjonhverfing and Wildfire (from Surtur).
Surtur: Shapeshifter, Sjonhverfing, Wildfire, and Lesser Craft Magic; plus EITHER Storm's Eye and Winter's Breath (from Gymir) OR Summon Animals and Winter's Breath (from Nidhogg & Fenrir).
Urdur: Entrancement, Spadomur, Threads of Fate, and Premonitions; plus EITHER Hex and Summon Animals (from Gullveig) OR Sjonverfing and Storm's Eye (from Aegir).

I'm really sorry that this error slipped through.

If you want them to have a wider range of powers, then go for it! However, I feel that it would be too easy for a Muspelli to get exceptionally high utiseta totals with an Accelerated Ability, since the score in that Ability will already be so much higher. The system was scaled deliberately for normal Abilities.

They are being taught directly by the Aspect of an exceptionally powerful spirit, and are in direct contact with that Aspect for most of the time. 15 xp per year assumes that the individual has two seasons of exposure and two seasons free to do what they want. 40 xp per year counts for 4 seasons at 10 xp each. The training is quite intensive, and was designed to give the Muspelli a bit of a break - they lack a native method of longevity, so it seemed fair to shorten their training period.

I'm sure. However, there probably aren't very many goeticists where there are Muspelli, currently. And it would be a brave goeticist who took on a Might 50+ spirit.

The canon game setting is quite specific about the pre-eminence of the Divine. The Muspelli are not in league with the Infernal, and have little experience with Hellish or Divine forces. They certainly could do as you suggest, but it doesn't fulfill their mission. The Breaking of the Chains is a side-effect of Muspelli magic, one specifically designed to weaken faerie auras; it just so happens to also affect magic and infernal auras as well. But the purpose of it is to weaken the power of Faerie in favour of magic, albeit troll-magic. So they wouldn't have any interest in destroying Divine auras in the way you describe, even if they had suffient Divine/Infernal Lore to know that they could.

You are probably right.

That's a call you'd have to make; utiseta isn't designed for an effect like this - it seems a bit helpful for your average Muspelli! Nevertheless, an extra pawn of vis per magnitude seems a bit cheap. I'd make it more dependent on the number of people healed rather than charging extra vis for the Range - the need for utiseta 'pays' for such things. So maybe charge double the vis for every ten-fold increase in targets. You'll have to find a number that works best for you.

As a general comment, utiseta is probably rarely used for anything other than the eleven Supernatural Abilities in the chapter. These are the ones granted by the Jotun patrons of the Muspelli. Obviously, if you add new patrons, or transpose the tradition to Greece, or whatever, this might change - but the rules as written are not optimised for those Abilities, and have not been playtested with them. But have fun!


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