Questions of Residency

Iirc, that was pretty much the intent...that there would be a chair available for a Magus Mercere if the House chose to have one here. Not that they would automatically be granted Master Status, I don't think, but that they would be on the Council. I don't know if we put any safeguards for in case Mercere tried to slip an absolute troll in on us, though.

Right...but when you say magus, you actually meant gifted magus, right? Otherwise Fedora already fills that spot.

I would assume that was the purpose for the clause that said that Andorra could require House Mercere to provide three candidates.

Yes, gifted Mercere, as opposed to just your typical Joe Redcap.

So many details that were never hammered out. But the conclusions drawn are correct to my recollection. This was Carmen's whole point when she inquired Fedora as to Lucas' intended status and station. But Lucas wants to be in the islands, so that changes things.

One of the main reasons Lucas wanted to be on the islands was because that avoided the seven month pledge period. If he could have avoided that under the Mercere agreement, he would have employed that, joined at Andorra proper, and then volunteered for a temporary assignment to the Belearics (which the masters might or might not assign him to).

Presumably Lucas knew the agreement better than Trogdor did. (Not difficult.)

Ah, but as Solomon pointed out, even if automatically a Journeyman ye be made and due a sanctum on covenant ground, the particular part of ground assigned you is as the committee responsible for these things shall determine. In my opinion, such a committee would qualify as Masters Council stuff.


It's probably a difference without a distinction, since Lucas will go to whichever location they think he's most needed at. My point (or one of them) is that, given the terms of the Mercere agreement, Lucas would have asked to be made a member stationed at Andorra. That would give an opportunity to keep him there if that was what the masters wanted. If they want him in the Balearics, heck, he was going to volunteer for that anyway. :slight_smile:

I agree. And as Solomon had mentioned previously, he would recommend housing him at Andorra proper. In fact, it is probably a fair assumption that when the Mercer Lodge contract was made, the covenant would have set aside a suitable sanctum space near the Redcap quarter for the eventuality of the Mercere filling that position.

Fedora had used it as a nursery, then later made an office of it. It is still a fully functional lab though.
I had Carmen mention all of this like twenty times and you all looked at her like she was stupid :laughing:

I thought that was her personal lab space, and what PoB was talking about was a sanctum and lab for any gifted Mercere magus that was assigned to the covenant.

I am talking about the same thing. Fedora has no actual need of a lab, for she doesn't have the gift (though this is where my idea of a teaching-only lab originally came from). It came with the Mercere Quarter, which she is in charge of. Maybe she thought it was a coat room or storage facility? She needed someplace to lock the kids up while she was working :mrgreen:

I was under the same impression as PB. As a magus, and Master, Fedora is entitled to every benefit that any other magus is entitled to, which includes:

" be provided a sanctum with inviolate rights therein, and shall be provided the equipment and supplies needed for their laboratories and other mystical studies"

Nowhere does it state "unless they don't need it."

So, Fedora, as a magus and Master of the covenant was given a Sanctum and equipment and supplies need for a lab and mystical studies (whether she uses it or not), and there would be a second Sanctum and lab set aside for the Gifted Mercere.

I assume that Fedora's has a LARGE storage facility to store all those vials, pots, pans, and all the other easily breakable and sharp items that children are so keen on grabbing. A lab is not exactly what I would call a risk free environment for children. :laughing:

There is empty space for one or two more labs even. No one has ever built them out. If a Mercere magus made permanent residence it one, we would follow the house rules and say "hey, there is some leftover equipment in here, take a season and customize a lab and you are set to go". I imagine there are a few spots left in the keep as well.
Here is a Map of the Covenant.

The two towers in the upper left corner are the Mercere Quarter. There are five more large towers around the wall. Then there is the keep with two thin towers and two tall towers. The Library is in one of these. Carmens Sanctum, formerly herfather's, is another of these towers. The council chamber is in the main keep. There is construction underground as well. Kesara resides in a chamber not far off from the Eternal Flame. I estimate we could house up to fifteen magi at the main covenant castle in Arans.

Well, if you want Lucas in Andorra, how about we say that he's in the top middle tower, right next to the two towers given over to the Mercere Lodge?

(Great map, BTW!)

It is not my map. Someone working for D&D drew up a nice rendition of the Keep on the Borderlands, which this covenant was been patterned after.
And the reserved locations held by Fedora are in the Mercere Quarter.
Imagine a square bisected diagonally. The two big towers are at opposite corners. A low wall has been built out from each tower to a building situated at the lower right corner of this imaginary square. The upper left, on the other side of that wall, is a secure facility housing the portals. It looks sort of like a gatekeep to nowhere.
That middle tower you wanted is the Forge of Vulcanus. Moving on clockwise from there, the next tower is new construction. The old tower used to be Carmen's before it exploded. Then the main keep holds the library, the council chamber, Carmen's sanctum, underneath there is the Spider's Lair and Kesara, the bottom right tower used to be Octavian's so I presume that is where Vocis is (unless we recon). Don't know about the other towers or further subterranean space. Yet to be determined I suppose.

How about Lucas takes the newly rebuilt tower? (Assuming he's in Andorra.)

So, if I have it right, is this how things stand?

Very helpful Trogdor! I'm more of a visual person, and labeling the towers really helps.

Solomon would take the bottom middle one assuming someone else hasn't claimed it.