Questions on supernatural creature archetype

Does it have Gruesome Appearance, Horrific appearance, or both?
Awesoming up lists Fur as a creature power it can add, but I can't find that shtick, where is it?

Supernatural creature is a little bit messy. A lot of this has been submitted for errata or clarifications, but at the moment it has Gruesome Appearance.

Fur is a known editing error, as per the Errata List:

  • Remove Fur, Hellish Tolerance, and Webbed Feet from Creature Powers list.
  • Add the Ghost's "Add a skill you do not have" entry into the Supernatural Creature's Awesoming Up chart right below the Creature Powers add-on list.
  • Conditional Escalation: Change "if any one of your allies" to "if at least one of your allies" This is a type schtick (thumbprint), not a Creature Powers schtick (jaws.)

A lot of the errata listed on that page has been fixed in v2. I was under the impression that if you bought the pdf, you can get the updated v2 pdf for free; just go back to the site you bought it at and download it. But I could be wrong about that.

Not everything got fixed though. Somehow they fixed Hellish Tolerance and Webbed Feet but forgot to remove Fur. They fixed Conditional Escalation but forgot to add the new skill awesoming up ability. My very quick scan of the other archetypes leaves me with the impression they fixed most of the errors; I couldn't find any others that remained (but I didn't comprehensively look).

The errata on this site seems to be for an old draft (I have a hardcover rule book), where do I find the "v2" one?