Questions regarding Arcadian Travel

Hey folks,

i have a player whose character recently got initiated into the Mystery of Arcadian Travel.
He hasnt used it yet, but will probably do so in the near future.

While preparing for that, some questions occured and i hope you can help me on those.

  1. How does one use Arcadian Travel?
    As i understand it, the mage designs a charm, using his Craft ability and Dexterity and a dice roll. The ease factor for that depends on the place the charm is connected to. So, to create a charm for a mundane location he needs to reach a factor of 12, for a faerie regio 15 and for Arcadia itsself 18. That is only the charm, it doesnt get ihm anywhere yet.
    After doing that he rolls again for his Arcadian Travel Total (stress die + perception + craft ability + aura). This total shows if he can actually make the transport work. If he wants to reach a higher regio level (of a faerie regio), he needs to reach (destination regio level x3) as a total. Thats not the aura of the regio level, but the actual level (if a faerie regio has 2 levels and he wants to get to the second one, the total would be 6). Reaching Arcadia is more difficult.
    The transportation is instant or nearly so.

Did i get that right?

  1. Travel between mundane locations

Since i can design a charm for a mundane destination i am a bit puzzled here. Can i go directly to a mundane place or do i have to go from a mundane place to a regio, from the regio to another regio near my destination and then down again to the mundane? The first would need one charm and, as i see it, no lab total, the other would need 3 charms and, depending on the regio levels, different lab totals.

  1. Faerie regios, Magic regios
    Just to be sure: I cant travel to a higher regio level in a magic regio, i can only do that in faerie regios, right?
    Does that also mean, that (if travel between mundane places is possible) i have to be in a faerie aura to begin with? Or could i go to a mundane place or Arcadia starting in a magic or divine aura?

I appreciate all the answers you can get me on this :slight_smile:

P.S.: I have read the part in HoH:MC p. 92 and RoP:F p.24-25. I also found one thread in the forum about it [url]Questions about Arcadian Travel - #9 by Argentarium], but that didnt make things clear for me.

P.P.S.: Sry if my english isnt that good, im german :slight_smile:

Hey everyone.
Sadly, nobody replied yet. Does none of you use that mystery?

I wrote a character for the magi of Hermes supplement that had it (Lambert) but I never used it in play.

I wrote a character who was planning to pick up this trick, but then the saga ended.

I think the rules make it clear the travelling number is 3 x regio level. Here's how I read it:
A Physical charm (an object people can touch to activate) would be Dexterity + Craft. You could instead create a poem or song which people have to perform to activate - the example given in the book is Communication + music for a song.
To actually use it, the character activates the charm (touching his physical charm, or singing his song), takes 10 minutes to do so, and rolls stress die + perception + ability used to create the charm + aura. The ease factor is 3x the level of regio you are travelling to, or 3x current level to leave the regio. The transportation is immediate, but the ten minutes of activating the charm time means any people with the mage (because they can take up to their Faerie Magic number of people with them) means everyone feels like it took ten minutes in which they were immersed in the activation.

This part is not made explicit. Using the faerie trods in "The contested isle" for inspiration, I think you can go from a mundane place straight to the target regio near your mundane target, and then have to make another roll to leave that regio to reappear in the mundane world. I think you would only need the one charm - the charm for the mundane target you are heading to allows you to travel, it's just you have to travel via a regio and then exit that regio into the mundane world.

It doesn't say you can't travel to and from magical auras. It does say that "For the purposes of evaluating the modifier of a supernatural aura, you may treat this as either a Faerie or Magical power, taking the more beneficial effect" which suggests you can use it in a variety of auras and choose the most beneficial modifier. This suggests you can try fleeing from an infernal area through arcadian travel, or make a charm for a cathedral and try to leave a faerie regio into a strong divine one...but the penalties will be severe.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: