Few questions:

The Old Master doesn't have skills on the awesoming up chart, why?

Automatic weapons Reload roll.
Sample: the Reload roll with automatic weapons applies even during the first sequence.
I make my first attack with a automatic weapon, spraying a small burst (+2 damage).
Then i make a Reload roll check and fail.
A small burst and my clip Is empty. What!!!
By a Clip size of 30 bullets....are you seroius!!!!!!!

Probably something to do with trying to teach an old dog new tricks. In your campaign if you really wanted an Old Master character to get a new skill when Awesoming Up, you could definitely talk to your GM about it.

In general, that character is just not based around skills but around Fu Paths. They're a crotchety old martial artists, they're not going to take the time to learn how to seduce or to pick locks--that's time better spent devoted to the practice of kung fu for health and discipline!

The disconnect here is imagining each attack roll as a single 'attack'. It's not a one-to-one relationship. Your character is understood to be moving around, firing, hiding, firing, etc. Even if you 'just reloaded' and you only made 'one attack' before your gun runs out of bullets, it just means you must have been doing a lot of firing in scenes we didn't specifically see. It's just a narrative abstraction.