Queued Events [Summer, 1220]

Things around Lough Caillte eventually settle into some kind of a routine; Dierdre's interrogation of the prisoner takes her 2 days, after which she dumps the poor lad at some distant point on the map that she has an arcane connection to. His papers and exemplar are confiscated before they disappear, and put in the care of the covenant's librarian.

The mid-summer meeting with Cordelia, where she was supposed to present candidates for being possible forge companions was, for the most part, a nice party, but without the candidates. She apologizes profusely, stating delays in travel for their non-appearance. "They should arrive around the Autumn Equinox," she says, "Shall I present them then?"

Albertus and Mab trudge around the covenant's demense for days, eventually returning with a large, black slab of stone; Albertus' monolith for his lab.

As the summer comes to a close, correspondence is sent, and replies recieved; Fabrica seems overjoyed to have gotten 2 rather hefty parcels from somewhere, and even Mathius looks pleased at the reception of correspondence bearing the official seal of House Mercere. Other correspondence arrives during the season; Xerxes ex Bonisagus will be arriving in the autumn, to copy Glendower's research notes, and brings with him an upgraded aegis text, along with other gifts and presents. Inquiries about various specialists are answered, and a couple are willing to travel to the covenant to discuss fees and comissions.

The buildings for the labs are complete, and the basic equipment for a functioning lab has arrived, much to the joy of many. Even the guest lab, started late, is complete.

The summer season has been a pleasant one; Not too hot, not too cool. The harvesting has begun with the first fruits, most of which wind up in the tithing barn in town. The thought of fresh fruits and vegetables makes many mouths water, since it would be a welcome change to the fare of late, which has mainly been fish, chicken, and potatoes.

And thus the covenant finds itself on the cusp of autumn, 1220 Anno Domini.