Quick poll

How many people would use an Ars Magica specific dice roller instead of Invisible Castle, if such a thing were available?

Aside from the ability to get historical data (look up rolls) and generate BBCode links, what other Invisible Castle-like features would such a thing need to have?

So this kind of slid under my radar for like 2.5 months... :smiley:

I would love for it to understand how Ars explodes dice. With a checkbox for a stress roll, and maybe a box that is optional where you can specify the number of botch dice to be rolled if stress is checked and a 10 is the first roll...


I missed it too, because I don't normally check the PpP Discussion section. But this is a must for any Ars-based online die roller. Exploder dice and botch dice, with a box to check if it's a quality die, simple die, or normal stress die.

Well, that was kind of what I meant by 'Ars Magica specific' -- would need to recognize & calculate a simple die, stress die, no-botch stress die, roll a pre-set number of botch dice if a 0 is rolled. Would need to have the ability to roll just a set of botch dice, for those times when you roll a 0, roll the standard 2 botch dice and the GM reminds you that you were standing in a Dominion 5 aura and burned 6 pawns of vis...

Don't you mean standard 1 botch die?

Can anyone say about what is this forum about