Quick Project: Redcap Poll

How often do you use Project: Redcap?

  • Two or more times a month
  • About once a month
  • Several times per year
  • Rarely
  • Never
  • What's Project: Redcap?

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I'm doing a quick poll to see how often people use Project: Redcap.

If you have any suggestions of what would make Project: Redcap more useful to you, please post a comment in this thread. Thanks!

My main issue is the lack of useful information. For instance, the Virtues doesn't tell me anything I don't know already and there's no further leaf pages.

If there was:

  • (1) a Painless Moon page
  • (2) in a Folk Witch category
  • (3) with a page detailing the FW flavor
  • (4) and some character archetypes page
    then it could be used as a reference and a tool to know which magic floats your boat, then it'd be useful.

Now, I don't know if it's the sheer amount of work or the fear of fair use that stops the wiki from being populated, but as it stands I'd rather surf wikipedia for an hour to learn more about Mythic Europe.

For course, I'd like to be told I'm wrong :slight_smile:

Tugdual, thanks for your feedback. In order to make the content more useful, I first have to get an idea of what "useful" means. Very possibly, it means different things to different people.

Mostly it's the amount of work required. It would probably take tens of hours to do what you suggest for Folk Magic, and that is just one of literally hundreds of topics.

When it comes to copyright issues, "fear" is not quite the right word. Project: Redcap wants to keep a constructive relationship with Atlas Games and to keep the game healthy. That means not drawing customers away from Ars Magica's rule books. (I think you can see how that would be bad in the long term.)

Once time monthly. But i see/use it.

(1 2 3 4) was the example.

A second example is "why is Stamina important". I should be able to go to its page and explore from there. {Yeah, that was me, I'd do more if I had more time.}

A third example is links to ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humorism et al.

A fourth example, points of rule discussed on the forum and the general conclusion.

In a way, the V&F index should be spread through the wiki too.

At start I used it a vew times but the more I own the books as pdf the less I use this page. But I think it still come down to around once a month.

We had one vote for "What is Project: Redcap." It's a major fan site on the Web for Ars Magica. It boasts links to Web sites for dozens of fan-created Ars Magica sagas and hosts the unofficial Ars Magica FAQ. It is located at www.redcap.org.

I am the maintainer of Project: Redcap. :slight_smile:

What I've used project redcap for (or attempted to use it for) most recently are things like.

  1. Who's the praeco of house Flameau again, where can I find more info on him (even a book and page reference would have been useful)
  2. What are the covenants in the Normandy tribunal, I need a likely candidate to have this NPC come from.
  3. I found the discussion of the "Pink Dot loophole" very useful as it game me things to think about I hadn't considered.

Mostly I'm just disappointing in the number of red missing pages ... of course I suppose I could actually put some work in and populate some of them, but so far I've been lazy about that.

Primus Garus of Flambeau is discussed in Hoh: Societates, try p. 12ff

Perhaps try the ... normandy tribunal book? (Hint: It's called The Lion and the Lily)

Interestingly enough, this is not discussed much, except ofcourse in the core book (ArM5,p. 85-85)

Thanks but I wasn't looking for answers to my questions with the post, I was looking for the answers on project redcap a few weeks ago. I was just trying to give you an idea of How I used the site.

Thanks very much for your work btw.