Quick question on the box sets

Just stumbled across this, and it looks great for my family! But I just had some trouble figuring out what exactly ARE the "hometowns"? are they a guided adventure? or just more of a setting book?

To put it in more standard terms, are they something closer to Curse of Strahd, or mines of phandelver for D&D or is it more like Sword Coast Adventurers guide, or one of they "(X city) by night" books for the old Vampire games? where it's pieces to use for your adventure rather than one set up for you.


For the most part the Home Towns are more like setting books with locations, NPCs, new foes, setting rules, and a sample adventure.

How much of each ingredient varies from setting to setting. Alien Invasion, for instance has more adventure content and is closer to something like Curse of Strahd than most of the other hometowns.

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