Quick ruling: Last untimely death - A second chance.


First post here, love the game.

Now, a situation occurred tonight when I was playing: Last character of a family got an untimely death. The rules say that "The games ends instantly when all family members die". (paraphrasing the exact wording here)

Now, since the game has instantly ended after the UT is played, can someone else still play "A second chance" or not? or has the game already ended immediately when the UT is placed?

The rules is a but unclear, as the "A Second Chance" card would be played as a response to the UT, but the rules say that the game is instantly ending when the UT is played.

Thanks, and thanks for a great game :wink:


"A Second Chance"'s effect of canceling an Untimely Death card as it's played trumps the win condition, in this case. That effect is a Response effect and it does stipulate "as it's being played" which means that it happens before the Untimely Death is completely resolved. Obviously you as a player would need to have the card in your hand and play it as the other player plays the Untimely Death card; if you don't, then the game is over as normal.