Quick update from CJ

Despite the terrible oppressive heat I've managed to run sessions of three sagas with 12 different players in 3 days. 7 of the players were not to the best of my knowledge Ars Magica players at this time last year. I regard this as a fair success, given I have other commitments too :smiley: My scheme I launched after Grand Tribunal last year to try and carry the enthusiasm of the annual con through to the next one and actively pick up more players seems to be working, though we still need and can handle more folks for Grand Tribunal UK on August 17th-18th in Cheltenham. grandtribunal.org

It will be our seventh Grand Tribunal, and I'm going to pull out all the stops (and probably bankrupt myself) to try and make it as special as I can. If you are hesitating about coming, please just write to me!

Finally I have recorded another episode of Arcane Connection and have some special guests lined up for the next few, if I can ever get Skype to work, but still need more. Unfortunately I have not had time to edit it yet so for now we only have the ten episodes online, but if you have not had a listen do go look at arcaneconnection.podomatic.com/

I'm trying to get a job with more hours right now so I don't know how much longer i can handle all this, but hey I try. :smiley:

Hope to see some of you in August
CJ x

I wish you then good luck in finding a bether job and just dont spend everything on the Grand Tribunal as no one is helped if you afterwards dont even have enough for the basic living and then get sick.

I listened to all ten episodes in the course of a week, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Could you set up a PayPal tip jar or donation "button" for your podcast. I'm sure a few people would be happy to chip in so you could keep it going.