Raising characteristics through Ablation

Can ablation (from RoP:I) be used to raise characteristic scores above 3? The text says that the points can be spent to raise characteristics exactly like those from character creation or from the improved characteristic virtue - but up to the score of the ablated spirit characteristics. What's not clear is if this limit is in addition to, or in place of, the +3 cap on initial characteristic scores (without additional virtues other than the improved characteristic virtue). For example, could an infernalist with Communication 3 raise it to 4 by completely ablating a demon with Might 20 and a Communication of 4?

Perhaps this would be good material for errata?

I think yes, it can.

I'd say sure, it's definitely in the "spirit" of the rules.

Being an Infernal power, I'd even allow going beyond 5 - temporarily, and with certain, ehm, "side-effects".

I'd agree, the limits for maleficia after all allow raising to 6 permenantly without side effects, so unholy powers are known to ignore 'normal' restrictions on stats. Giving "side-effects" would make it fair though.