Random events when aging a character

Hi all,
Does anyone have any tables for rolling events to more accurately age a magus? I was thinking of putting one together but thought someone else might have one already.

I could just age him and assume everything goes fine, but I want it to be a bit more realistic - this season lost defending the covenant, this season lost due to illness, season spent working on covenant stuff, assigned to collect vis etc.

I have been working on a chart for running solo adventures. Basically a random story event to run each year.

Hmm, I never realised my maths was so bad....

I am trying to make it so that every 1-6 years something interrupts the normal routine of lab-work. This event may occur in any season and last 1-4 seasons.

This is easy enough to do with a D6 and a D4, but then I have other things - like consequences - XP, injured, Twilight, loot etc.

As my magus is a Verditius, I am also planning for him to receive the occasional commission which will distract him from his work but generate income.

Now to drag it to a D10 AM based system...

Each year roll a stress die, add the number of years since an adventure. If it is greater than 9 there is an adventure, if not, proceed as normal.
Adventure, roll a simple die, 1-4 is one season, 5-7 is two seasons, 8-9 is three seasons and 10 is 4 seasons.

Roll a simple die for the adventure result, 1-4 nothing. 5-7 light wound. 8-9 twilight. 10 heavy wound

Roll a simple die for the XP. 1-8 is adventure XP, 9-10 exposure.

If not adventure...
Roll a stress die (no botch) + hermetic reputation
<9 nothing happens, 9-10 open an item, 11-12 Lesser Device, 13-16 Greater Device, 17+ roll twice on the table ignoring 17 or more.

if Greater Device, roll a stress die (no botch) if 1-6 takes one season, 7-9 takes two seasons, 10+ takes 3 seasons.

To calculate fee for device roll D5 for technique and D10 for art. Add the scores together and round down, then multiply by 3/4 to get amount of vis earned.
If Opening device, Fee is Stress Die * 3 VIM vis.

Have I missed anything?
I am planning to have a computer program generate this list of seasons and I will then work his studies around them...

When rolling for greater device, what happens if you roll 0? You can't botch, but there's no 0 on your chart.