Random grog creator v.1

Since our grogs tend to die often, it wasn't worth spending the time to continually make new ones, so I started playing with VBA code in excel.
you can find the results here:

I've never done any codewriting before this so I'm sure parts of my code can be simplified. I'll make changes as they are mentioned, I tried to include comments(when I remembered) so the code can be under stood.

To run:
enable macros
click the button
leave blank for totally random, any other entry will allow you to customize.
Grog will appear
Press button again for new grog

Advanced options:
you can add custom names, abilities, virtues, ect.
goto format, sheet, unhide.
enter custom data at the bottom of column 1

It works pretty well, but still has some flaws:

  1. exp from virtues are not yet counted.
  2. some random virtues appear more often then expected, and can appear twice
  3. Virtues that grant access to abilitytypes may overlap eg:warrior and knight

to be added:
Weapon stats so they will be calculated if relavent.
Area Lore living language and craft will have the chance of being picked multiple times rather than all exp to one ability.

how it works....
Name, language, age, gender are picked randomly if so selected.
Childhood abilities are picked randomly and given a random exp value, this repeats until 45 exp are used.
Virtues are picked randomly, this creats the list of available abilities to pick from (eg:warrior gives martial abilities)
Laterlife abilities are picked and given random exp, repeat.
abilities are matched and exp is added (if brawl was picked at 3 and 7 exp it will be listed once at 10 exp)
Characteristics are randomly picked (improved characteristics is accounted for if applicable)
Results are displayed.

Comments are appreciated.


That's great, I'm impressed!

Thank you very much :smiley:

:question: Does it works with Open Office? :question:

err...open what? :stuck_out_tongue: no Idea, try it and see.

Open Office is an MS Office style package which is open source; as such it is free. For those of us who dont work with a PC all day etc, the outrageous price of the office package is often felt as a considerable waste of cash. Open office is a handy alternative.

And No, It won't work with Open Office. Open Office comes with its one script language and doesn't understand VBA.


Amazing, but it might be a little bit TOO random: grogs with Parma Magica, or Mercenary captain x2 as a V&F seem odd :wink:

Appart from the fact that the score in characteristics should not be that random. I have run the program 10 times, without any of the grogs showing a positive strength! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw a female custos specializing in great weapons: farm implements at level 1, and 1 in bows and single weapons. :laughing: Quite a custos, I tell you! :laughing: hehehe

it is a great tool, but maybe it should specialize a little bit in COMBAT grogs, if they are the ones that die so often in your saga :slight_smile:



Hell, no! Don't change a thing! You just have to label male generated grogs - Grogius Castrati. But they make grrrrreat adult boy sopranos! (Free Expression [Singing] x + 3 Puissant - might be a constant ability and virtue, though.) :stuck_out_tongue:

I am impressed ... for real. It runs on Windows Vista and any grogius generatius can be tweakedus.

Thanks, I'm using it!

Updated version posted at http://files.filefront.com/Agnars+Random+Grog+Creato2xls/;9553214;/fileinfo.html

Flaws added
expanded weapon list
Select from totally random, Martial or craftsman type grog

They aren't the only ones that die often :stuck_out_tongue: