Random magi generator

Hi everyone.

I don't know about you, but from time to time, during a game, I often get into a situation where one of the magi characters is interacting with a stranger casual magi, and then all of a sudden you have to improvise a NPC magus from thin air, which is hard, if only because of the countless options you have to decide in the glimpse of an eye. Let's say one of your magi got into a dispute in a Tribunal which lead to Certamen: who is the other magi, which are his Te/Fo combinations? Or that you engage into a debate. What are his social stats and skills? Or one of your magi enters conflict with a Mystery Cult: how many magi are they, how old, how skilled? Or you are traveling a foreign Tribunal and visit a covenant to rest, how are their magi?

So in order to help with that improvisation I created the Magi-o-Matic!, a spreadsheet which pretty much generates basic data for 120 random magi (could me more, but the idea was to keep it a a Tribunal-size level; anyway shortening it is just deleting rows, and extending it copying whatever rows are required). It have a random numbers column that can be copied as values on the seed column and then all stats for all magi are recalculated when the spreadsheet is refreshed. The data for stats was done by selected a big amount of combinations which summed 7 char points spent, with some odd cases where stats spent summed 10 or 4, for characters which would have virtues or flaws regarding stats; I also skip magi with specially low intelligence, assuming any decent parens would spent some vis in a ritual to improve specially low Int scores. There is also a random name generator. Houses are assigned according to their total size, and each magus' house have some impact in preferred Arts and Abilities. Some of them have some subdivisions, to make possible to separate things like the usual Flambeau from the Apromor doctrine Flambeau. And then there is a lot of random generation for Arts, Abilities and so on, normally based on normal distribution with some modificators and parameters that I mostly tuned to keep the percentage of XPs spent in arts and abilities at a reasonable level. Finally some of them have absurd values, like Warping of 12, which could be either ignored or adapted somehow, and each magus have a final column detailing how much seasons he have left for spells, items or to use reinforcing XPs in some Art or Ability.

The spreadsheet is here,


I hope someone finds it useful or have some comment on how to improve it.


That's very cool and something I can see being handy as a GM.

One comment though - a lot of the magi have Artes Liberales 0, which means they can't read or write (as you can comprehend one alphabet per rank of AL iirc).

Yeah, there is a max function there to limit minimum values, and it should have had a 1 instead of a 0, because the minimum required is 1, but too many copying & pasting made that 1 get lost.

It's fixed now.

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