Randomly Generated Regio Entrance Level

In honor of the Ars Magica sale, here's my goofy table for generating the local legends surrounding a Regio Site (based on the Migratory Legends work of Reidar Thoralf Christiansen (a Norwegian Folklorist) [I could have gone with Aarne Thompson Motifs, there's way too much overlap in that list]

ML = Migratory Legend

(d0 = roll a d10, count the 10 as 0, it keeps my charts neat)
Oh no! I had no idea this thing read 0. like that!!! (edit! I must edit!)

d0: what does the regio look like from the outside?
0: megaliths (taula, dolmen or cairn)
1: ventriforms (natural arch, cliff face or fairy chimney)
2: ruins (section of a span, crumbling wall or foundations)
3: earthworks (tumulus, barrow or causeway isle)
4: tomb (cistvaen pit, gallery grave or crossroads shrine)
5: cave (sea grotto, labyrinthine karst or lava tube)
6: excavation (mine adit, old well or dry fountain)
7: stellae (menhir circle, broken columns or obelisks)
8: gap (barren field, marshy shore or bramble meadow)
9: pile (chambered cairn, pyramid or sea stacks)

d0: how do the locals give directions to it?
0,1: marking the parish boundary
2,3: over the next rise
4,5: in the middle of the wilderness
6,7: not far from the mill
8,9: on the forbidden hunting lands

d0: What do they say was here?
0: a grand church
1: a fancy mill
2: an ancestral fortress
4: a great hall
5: a wizard's tower
6: a pagan temple
7: an abbey or monastery
8: a sinful village
9: an even more sinful oppidium (walled town)

d0: Who do the locals think built the FORSAKEN SITE?
0,1: The Great Magician (Merlin, Vergil or Morgana LeFey)
2,3: The Devil (by accident or trickery) [ML 3025] or an equally stupid giant [ML 5020]
4,5: One of the Invisible Folk (a fairy, genie or vampire) whose true name was guessed [ML 7065, true name]
6,7: A wandering saint (not one of the local ones) as part of a contest [ML 3026]
8,9: Just regular people, a long time ago

d0: Why do the locals think they deserved what they had coming to them?
0: overweening ambition
1: murder most foul
2: forbidden love
3: impious dancing (on the holy days)
4: revenge for an minor insult
5: deal with the devil
6: inhospitality to a wandering saint
7: human sacrifice
8: apprentice-level misreading a spellbook
9: gargantuan magical clumsiness

d0: How was the LEGENDARY BUILDING destroyed?
0: One broken sabbath, a charming dancer turned out to be the devil! [ML 3070]
1: A giant threw a stone at the church in town and missed. [ML 5020*]
2: It just wouldn't stay up, so a saint gave a stick of driftwood to a wild animal and had them rebuild it in town where the stick dropped. [ML 7060]
3: Two giant monsters destroyed it in a terrible fight that may still be going on in the wilderness [ML 4086]
4: A great calamity (general bad times) befell the nearby town and the only way to end it was to remove this wicked place. [ML 5075]
5: The arrogant inhabitants ignored a mysterious warning of an approaching storm. [ML 4055]
6: The debauchery of the inhabitants awoke a grumpy old troll. [ML 5000]
7: A plague spirit was accidentally ferried across the river and into town. [ML 7085]
8: An apprentice misused his master's magical book. [ML 3020]
9: A witches' daughter innocently showed off her devastating powers in a nearby town. [ML 3035]
*ML 5020: Troll Legends
a landscape feature was the results of (comic) actions by a giant or devil
...he dropped a shovel of rocks
...he flung a large rock and missed his target
...he was tricked into dropping it

Now, they say...
d0: why do most people avoid it?
0: ...the invisible folk meet there for their secret rites. [ML 3050]
1: ...a revenant who can't find his grave haunts it, grabbing all who spend the night nearby. [ML 4020]
2: ...the invisible folk will bring your baby back if you leave their changeling there overnight [ML 5085]
3 ...the invisible folk hold their weddings and funerals here and resent intruders. [ML 6005]
4: ...you can still hear its churchbells, deep below, on certain nights. [ML 7070]
5: ...the recently dead stave off revenants from the sea here on stormy nights. [ML 4065]
6: ...a chunk of the site was taken and used in an evil palace. [ML 7065]
7: ...the recently dead gather here on some nights for church services. [ML 4015]
8: ...the plague manifests here as an old woman with a rake and a broom (if she uses the broom, you're doomed) [ML 7080]
9: ...all the vermin banned from the land by a saint are trapped beneath it. [ML 3060]

But they also say...
d0: why do some people go there anyway?
0,1: ...there's buried treasure beneath it. [ML 8010]
2,3: ...the invisible folk pasture their sea herds or sky livestock here. [ML 6055]
4,5: ...the one true king and his knights sleep beneath it. [ML 8009]
6,7: ...if you lose something forever elsewhere, it will always turn up here. [ML 7050]
8,9: ...you can meet a lucky shapeshifting sweetheart here. [ML 5095]
FOR WIZARDS: ...the black book of magic itself lies somewhere within [ML 3020]

d0: You fell in love with WHO?!?
0: A foreigner from a nation of magicians. [ML 3080]
1: The Devil. [ML 3075]
2: A witch who could turn into a hare. [ML 3055]
3: A werewolf. [ML 4005]
4: A nightmare elf. [ML 4010]
5: A selkie woman or swanmay. [ML 4080]
6: A fairy prince or princess. [ML 5090]
7: A venemous dragon. [ML 3030]
8: A murderous revenant. [ML 4020]
9: A famous magician. [ML 3040]

Well, anyway, it's come in handy for me a couple times!


Here's an example I just rolled up
EXAMPLE: 8, 3, 6, 0, 7, 5, 4, 9, 2

the gap (barren field, marshy shore or bramble meadow) over the next rise used to be a pagan temple built by The Great Magician (Vergil makes the most sense)
The pagan priests of the temple practiced human sacrifice, they say, and in their arrogance ignored warning of a coming storm.
Now, they say you can still hear its churchbells, deep below, on certain nights, but some people still linger there in hopes of meeting a lucky, shapeshifting sweetheart (usually witches who turn into hares)

I'm guessing this would be a strong fairy or magical regio, maybe with an infernal taint?
Probably faerie, considering the natural setting.

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So, I rolled
6: excavation (mine adit, old well or dry fountain)
4:in the middle of the wilderness
5: a wizard's tower
1:The Great Magician (Merlin, Vergil or Morgana LeFey)
7: human sacrifice
5: The arrogant inhabitants ignored a mysterious warning of an approaching storm. [ML 4055]
0: the invisible folk meet there for their secret rites. [ML 3050]
9: you can meet a lucky shapeshifting sweetheart here. [ML 5095]
2: A witch who could turn into a hare. [ML 3055]

We got the same story...

The wizard's tower of a great magician was destroyed by God's wrath at the human sacrifices that took place there. This took the form of a storm followed by mudslides which buried the remains of the tower. The ruin of the tower was recently uncovered while digging a well, which a foreign dowser thought he'd detected.
Since it is deep in the wilderness and still has an aura, local witches have been coming here for a long time to partake in the secret folk's rites, but they are not evil witches, merely hare shapeshifters with minor herbalism related powers.

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Sadly, even though the generator could produce 12 million + subtly distinct Regio entrances, at least 25000 of them would be stories you've heard before and another 25000 would look exactly like places you've already visited.
But it's cool to see that witches who turn into hares won't lack for admirers!

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To be honest, I don't think that I would ever roll to randomly generate an idea for a saga/campaign. I normally try to stick to my themes and see how things can be articulated to play up to them or to tie in with other saga plots. However I do like reading this type of table for inspiration.

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