Range and flow of combat

Has anyone else run into a conflict of keeping things running fast, furious, and map free with trying to use the range and movement rules?

I can see how it would get complicated. I only ever used the range rules in an abstract way, I never measured stuff out and used their Speed * meters or whatever it is, to determine how far they could run.

I'd say something like "there's a machine gun mounted on a catwalk at the end of the long hangar, it would probably take you a few shots to get there".

Then it might take the character two 3-shot actions to get there. I'd do that to invoke a sense of scale and make it dangerous to approach, because they can't get to it immediately. (if an Old Master was in the group, they could use their jumping abilities to get there, and likewise for other super-movement abilities).

So I always use those rules abstractly.

I ended up finding that for my group, the choice of either no range rules or specific distances made no sense, so I implemented a variation of "zones" like in Fate, etc.

Every fight scene has multiple "Areas". Moving from one area to another either takes 1 shot (if all you're doing is moving), or as a stunt. Unless stated, you can move to any area, as long as you can describe it in a way that makes sense (according to Feng Shui logic).