Range/Targeting question.

I am having a brian freeze..

Can the range of a group spell be personal? I am designing a group Leap of Homecoming spell, and am trying to keep the level down, so want a range personal target group version. Is that possible? I know it puts lots of restrictions on the groups the Magus may take with him, but is it OK other than that?


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I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do.
A spell with Range:Personal affects the Magus and the Magus alone, so the Target can normally not be larger than Individual. (ArM5 p111)

There is at least one exception to this: If you been initiated into the Sensory Magic mystery you can use certain Personal range spells against people who can sense you. (HoH:MC p27-29)


No. See ArM5 p.111:

Personal: This spell only affects the casting magus or things he is wearing or carrying. The target is thus never larger than Individual.

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I mean if the magus were under some sort of magical effect that made them a collective there might be an exception... duplicate bodies of the busy magus?

In our saga we used an enchanted device for this: R: Touch, T: Ind and a few uses per day. This is in general easier than T: Group.
It requires several applications to transport a group and hence some time, but it also cannot botch.


I knew there was something obvious I had missed. Thanks guys!


If you want to transport entire groups via Leap of Homecoming it might be worth noting that, while a R:Per T:Group version (at +2 magnitudes) is not feasible, a R:Touch T:Circle version (at just +1 magnitude!) certainly is.


One Shot knows this, but for @rgd20 :

Just remember that this (likely) causes warping.

Of course, no risk of a botch means no risk of Twilight!

Isn’t there still a risk of botch on the finesse roll to teleport?

That's not a casting roll, and may well not cause Twilight.
If it's even required.

Botching finesse or concentration rolls on spells grants warping points just like botching while casting the spell does.

Source please? I'm asking because I've seen this debated ad nauseam and would like a place in a book to point to.